Friday, June 15, 2012



Well it's somehow Friday again and the week just slipped right by me. I'm so excited the weekends now upon us as we have a little camping trip for Father's Day with the mister brother (and his family) planned. Camping? Yup you heard me right, we're taking our pillows, blankets and some rope and tarp and tying that thing up to a tree to make a tent, this should be fun fun! Whatta mean "that's not going to work" I'm sure it will. Ok just kidding about the rope and tarp things, but really, we are going camping but in a pretty sweet camper instead. So I was thinking of making a new little Friday series post. There are so many things I would love to blog about thru the week but when it comes down to it I can't post things quick enough. I have a note book full of ideas just waiting to be shared but my fingers just can't keep up. I spot things thru the week and then it comes to Friday and I shake my head about "well I forgot to share that one". Stuff which is inspiring to me, photos I love, giveaways I cross my fingers and hope to win, new blogs, shops and people I've spotted which you should surely know a bit more about. I'm going to call it "Weekly Wrap" and it will be tagged this too for quick finding. But the idea is for me to share things I just haven't had a second to post which you just may happen to enjoy too.

Bits of random from the week...
I ordered this lovely swim suit which I can't wait for it to arrive.
How amazing is this wall hanging of Katie by Postrgram.
Impressive collection of Cathrineholm's ware I'm swooning over. Not impressed by the price though.
Elycia and Kaylah are surely the cutest best friends I've seen and so freakin' adorable too.
These drinks on Bird & Cleaver look oh so tasty.
These freebie "thank you" cards by Oana are beautiful, all of her work is actually lovely.
These DIY Dip Dye Shorts over on Moorea Seal are so cool, I want a pair.
And Holy Giveaways Batman! Let's talk about how I can't even fathom how generous people are out there. There wasn't just one but a handful of fabulous giveaway. So hurry hurry and go get signed up...
Love this little Bleubird family clip as they host a giveaway with BonLook Glasses.
Skunkboy, Katie, is hosting a lovely shoe giveaway with Ugglebo Clogs
3 Fabulous Shabby Apple giveaways via Pussycat VintageManzanita & Blythe Ponytail Parades  
And did you sign up here on AdaLou to win your very own Custom Cameo

Happy weekend sweet friends!


  1. Have a fun weekend! I'm headed out for the weekend as well and CANNOT wait! Thanks for the shout out Sandi :)

  2. Have a lovely weekend! :) I just ordered a swimsuit too! I am so hoping it fits. Fingers are crossed! :) xo

  3. I always love link posts! Happy weekend love :)


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