Monday, June 18, 2012


Well this past weekend we ventured out to Lake Pomona with my misters brother and his family (his wife and our little nephew) to try our luck camping with the kiddos. We only planned to stay one night (and the next day) as honestly we didn't know what to expect for 4 adults, 3 kids (all under the age of 4) and 2 pups in one camper. But, surprisingly, it went amazing. All the kiddos seemed to enjoy themselves (and the adults too). There were watermelons, grilled burgers and dogs, playing catch, sneaking ice cubes from the coolers, frisbee playing, hiking around trails, mushroom picking, playing on the playground, catching a few loose dogs (no, not ours thank goodness), enjoying time by the camp fire (which this was a first for our kiddos) and eating s'mores (another first and they loved them!!!) and splashing at the lake. All in all our time there was so much fun! Now, if we could have avoided some sand fleas which happily ate us alive (especially mama and the boy) at the lake, we'd be much happier campers today… but I guess that's the price you pay while venturing in the great outdoors. Hope your weekend was a happy one and hope all you dad's had a Happy Father's Day! A few snapshots from our weekend.
Someone was caught multiple times stealing ice cubes from the cooler.
A night walk after dinner to checking out the lake.
And a trip over to the kiddo park.
This little lady is the biggest ham and always making us all laugh.
The handsome mister relaxing.
Our sweet little nephew
The sunset that night. It took me about 20+ shots on manual to finally get a good one.
Excited about roasting marshmallows over and open fire!
The one of the pups behind the fire standing constant guard. 
The boy and I went mushroom hunting the next morning. He spotted this one which was so tiny.
Just woke up and announced "i love camping!" I guess we'll be going again soon :)
Thanks so much for peeking thru our pictures from the weekend. Happy Monday!
p.s. there are a few other photos from my Instagram here if you cared to see a couple more.


  1. Your camping trip looks and sounds like so much fun! You can tell from your pics that everyone had a great time. That little Penny! She is such a hoot! So glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. How fun!! I never was much of a camper {I'm a city girl by birth lol}, but the kids sure love it!

  3. What a fun trip, and such adorable pictures! I love that last one especially. :)

  4. Wow, totally inspiring to make me want to go camping!! Thanks for sharing. :D

  5. Aaw, fun! :) I'm dying for our first camping trip of the year...we went 68475 times last year (hah - felt like it!), but I still can't wait for sleeping bags, hot dogs, and marshmallows!


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