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So I've noticed a handful of people, like my sweet friend Nicole or Jenny, sharing photos from Instagrammed weekends over on their blogs. It's a great way to catch up on how the weekend went and I've been taking a blog break on the weekends to spend time with family and catch up on custom work and other projects around the home, but I love LOVE capturing and sharing photos on Instagram. So I am going to start sharing photos and a little update along side it, to give you a peek into how we spent some of our weekend. Hope this is enjoy this :)

p.s. I love that dress I wore the week before last. For those of you curious it's by YA Los Angeles :)

There was a trip to get my hair trimmed and let me tell you this Bumble and bumble,
Curl Conscious stuff is Amazing!!!! Seriously if you have curly hair it rocks!

There were pancake breakfast followed by a hike n picnic at a new playground in the park.
There was house cleaning.Sorting of Penelope's dress collection to make room for bigger sizes. Wyeth helped organize books by size which he was pretty proud of doing this all by himself.
A trip out to eat. This girls given up on the high chair and we've resorted to laying on mom while snacking now. It's either this or have a screaming toddler fighting me against the foolish chair...which in my opinion, so not worth the fight.
There was wrapping up a few custom illustration and starting on some new blog design work. Plus the mister graciously made us some tasty Watermelon Mojito's, Yum! Recipe coming soon to the blog.
There was a family trip to the thrift. And we're all pretty excited about that HUGE instant collection of cookie cutters. I guess now I need to start baking more cookies and treats... if not I'm sure some toddlers would love to stamp them all over their Play-Doh. :)
And there was relaxing in the yard and enjoying being outdoors. Oh and her conversation here with the mister was asking "why are there no clouds (it was so blue out) out here" "maybe they are hiding like the moon" was her response to herself. :) 
Thanks for peeking thru out photos. :)


  1. You have amazing teeth!! There are some really great photos in here...I love that last one! Hehe, too cute.

  2. What a super fun weekend!!!! Everyone seems like they had a blast. Congrats to Wyeth for being such an awesome helper!

  3. you look like you've been losing weight--you look fantastic! i've been wanting to buy Bumble and Bumble products (i'm from TX) but they don't even carry the line at Ulta...maybe I need to call my hairstylist and ask? ANywyas, I sooo want to try it. I used to have wavy/curls until I fried my hair orange. While I don't regret my fried hair, because I was in love with my hair color, I def need to find something more 'healthy' next time I feel like getting wild with my locks. Thanks for your beautiful IG pics! I love IG!

  4. thanks miss teacups, you're to sweet
    stephanie, thanks, he's the best little helper :)
    carrie anne, thank you, they are the best of friends
    lynet oh my youre poor hair, i fried mine in college once and shaved it bald to start over. thanks about the sweet comments and for following me on IG too. and yes ive lost a few pounds, ive been cutting my daily some and trying (though it doesn't always work) not to eat ice cream ever night ;)

  5. awwww i love that last picture, she's such a sweetie and looks so very serious!
    well jealous of your thrify finds! dont think we can find anything of the likes here in the UK! and that box of cookie cutters?! *squeals* amazing! you have to bake some cookies with them and show some of the more quirky/unusual cutters you have!


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