Friday, June 22, 2012



Well the weeks flown by once again, I just can't believe it, this is nuts, I mean June is almost over! A few links and info from the week for your Friday. I recently realized some people may not be able to view the followgram (instagram app) photos I was linking too so I'm going to try a new technique and see if this works. Happy Weekend sweet, sweet friends. :)

The crocheted dress above, here, by Rebecca is freaking amazing! Made it in just one week! 
These animals playing card illustrations by Juan Estrella, (JuanStar2) on etsy are pretty awesome
Loving this black and white tiki bar cocktail clutch by Kate Spade 
Also swooning over this clutch by Sew Beastly
Wanting to do this "weekender" DIY bag or the mitered pillows
Thinking about camping and if I bought a camper this one would be on the list and this one too
Weathers been terribly hot & the veggies keep burning. Maybe next year we'll build this 
Loving this Nautical Summer Stripes look
Fun little DIY printable summer paper fans for you and the kiddos.

Did you sign up for the Custom Portrait giveaway? That's right another giveaway :)
Last weekend we camped at Lake Pomona which was fun. Sadly the bug bites are not gone yet, grrr :\
I got a promotion at work! The mister an I celebrated with sundaes + image above
I'm loving these new shoes, plus the lilic color is gorgeous.
Seriously did that happen??? My lovely vintage shoes just came un-soled. Clues how to fix it?
This silver nail polish by Sally Hansen Nails called Celeb City is probably the best metallic color ever.
And I loved finishing up on this custom kitty piece of Kong. I love how it turned out.

* Photos linked from my Instragram @adalouvintage. If you'd care to join me there :)


  1. I feel your pain on the shoes breaking {dissolving? desoling?}-- I had the same thing happened to a pair of vintage candies that I would have died if I had to give up. Luckily, they actually sell shoe glue: here's a link to it on Amazon

    It works great, & my shoes are still holding up!

  2. Congratulations on your promotion! Excellent news!

  3. Congrats on the promotion!! I was showing your blog to my nieces earlier this week, and they fell in love with sweet Ms. P!!! They also thought that you had the coolest job in the world!!
    Thanks for including me in the link are too sweet!!


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