Friday, June 29, 2012



Things I've spotted thru this week. Enjoy!

  • The woven cuff (seen above right) is so beautiful
  • And this Penelope (pictured above left) doll is oh so lovely. Isn't it?
  • These stone rings are pretty and a little DIY to make your own
  • It's beyond HOT here & this pretzel float for the pool would be perfect
  • It's to bad this is no longer in stock, because I'm all about this necklace 
  • The Raindrop Pillow Family by Zu are so cute
  • Maybe, just maybe, I could get my kiddos to each more sandwiches if they looked like these
  • This Apple print makes me smile.
  • A Beautiful Mess got a makeover (love it!) but I'm more impressed this Honeycomb DIY Shelves
  • I'm not a huge shorts person but I want these ones badly, via Modcloth
  • And these shoes via Modcloth too.
  • This watermelon, feta & mint salad c/o of joy the baker looks yuuummmy!
  • These cookie dough ice pops look delish
  • I really want to go and see Brave, I'm curious if it's good?
  • Love this blue multi-colored hair


  1. The bf and I went to the midnight 3d showing of Brave! It was an adorable movie. I <3'd it. I want her hair....majorly haha.


  2. BRAVE is fantastic!! It felt like Pixar went back in time and made a classic Disney Movie. Also, the humor was great! They had me in tears at times, I was laughing so hard.

    I wrote a review about it, so once you've given in (I know you totally will!)come share your opinions on the movie with me! :D


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