Wednesday, June 27, 2012



I'm kinda a pants person. Even when the hot Summer sun is out, I usually wear pants. I know, I'm a wee bit silly at times. I do own shorts. Only a few, but I just don't find myself wearing them to often. When the weather forecast last week said 99 (with a high of 101) though, well then I thought about breaking out some shorts. I found these one's at Target a week or so ago and love them. I won't lie though I kinda feel like I should be a toddler wearing them as they have a draw string waist, which I guess is in style this season as 80% of the shorts had them. Is it shorts weather where you're at lately?
 Because someone asked to see what color my hair color looked like lately. 
No filter on photo and yup those are my nice pale legs ;)

buttondown //  vintage thrifted
shorts // Target
shoes // vintage c/o Pussycat Vintage

 And because one of you lovely readers mentioned you liked my quirky personality...
The mister took all photos for this outfit post. And he usually prompts me with silly cues like
"ok look like a deer popping it's head out from behind a tree and realizing it's being hunted" Hahaha!
Go ahead, get a good laugh cause you know you want to. I'm still laughing over here :)

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  1. Those shorts are cute and look comfy! I live in Texas...yes it is shorts weather...big ole frowny face over here. I HATE the heat!!! Mostly because is so humid here.

    LOVE that deer face!!!


  2. You are so cute!! I looooove your hair. Bahaha that last photo is the greatest. :)

  3. Adorable outfit & too funny on the photographer's directions {when my daughter takes pics, she does the same thing. Last time it was: "Your a lemming! Follow the lemmings! Follow the lemings!"}

  4. This outfit is so cute! I love the bow shirts. And that bottom photo is hilarious.

  5. hehe! loving the last picture! you indeed captured that scenario very well!
    shorts and the legs too look lovely! :D

  6. so cute :) and that last photo made me almost spit out my tea from laughing. you silly girl

  7. I love your hair AND your quirky personality! That shirt is rad.

  8. one of my favorite things about you sandi has always been your laughter and sense of humor. you may call it quirky, i call it YOU! love you hon hi and love to B and the kiddos!


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