Sunday, July 01, 2012



Happy Sunday! Did you see there's a new giveaway up on the sidebar? I also wanted to let you know that after a bit of thought and consideration I decided to open a little Pop Shop here on the blog where some various items will be available for purchase. As we downsize item's and make way for the new we have a lot of lovely pieces on the search for new homes. I do have a vintage etsy shop for stuff that's vintage, but not all things I part with are considered this... so I though it best to have a separate area for such. I do not want to go promoting this shop tons but you may occasionally see items I share here on the blog have a note about going to the "Pop Shop" and well; this is where they will be. As I cleaned and purged some of Penelope's clothing collection last weekend we found there were many tiny treasures (mainly dresses) which she no longer needs to hold on to. If you'd like to peek into them you may do so here. Hope you're weekends been relaxing.

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