Wednesday, July 18, 2012



So today's not just any Wednesday. Today's a someone special kinda Wednesday. A birthday celebration! One which is hopefully filled with sweet treats galore. I couldn't be more excited to call this little lady pictured above my family. Izzy is my misters youngest sister and today, she turns 10!!!! TEN!!! So crazy to me as I recall seeing and holding her days after she was born. But my how she's grown into a beautiful little lady and what a great age to be at. One filled with laughter, fun and friends… oh and don't forget summer break! I would trade that in a heartbeat if I could. I hope you have a fabulous birthday Izzy. We all miss you and wish we could be there to say hello. Hope it's so awesome and Happy 10th!!!
Photo Courtesy of my SIL Becca (Thanks B!)


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