Friday, July 06, 2012


Our kiddos love being creative and I'm so happy for this. Each of them loves to make art and doodle sweet pictures for us. Wyeth currently loves cutting things with adult scissors, which mind you scares me a lot, but I know he has to learn how to do this and he's very slow and patient about the process, which is very reassuring. Penelope's the complete opposite and a wild child if you will which needs constant monitoring cause she's been knows to mark walls, doors, furniture and the every so popular, herself as of lately. Both kiddos, though alike at times, are so very different and unique. Since they were very little and started to display their own personal characteristics they quickly acquired nicknames which suited them best. Maybe you could already tell who's who... Little Miss Mess and Mr Clean. We wouldn't want it any other way. We love our artsy little family.


  1. I am so loving those cookie cutters!!! Cutie pie kiddos :)


  2. That is an impressive collection of shaped cutters! :)

  3. Aww, that is just too cute!! I'm with Wyeth, I love having clean hands. When I do something messy I have to wash them like a bajillion times in the process.

  4. So sweet-- its so wonderful seeing littles explore their creative side!

  5. loving the post! its great to see children being creative and all the more sweeter when its your children.
    and loving the cutters! still such a great thrifty find!

  6. Aw :) So funny how different siblings can be! I love little peeks into people's lives like this.


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