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Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was wonderful.  So do you have a short week this week due to the holiday? I'm excited for a little 2 day work week then followed by a 5 day mini vaca. We have the misters momo (grandmother) coming into town and we couldn't be more excited to see her.

Todays mini collection is part of a larger collection of polish I've slowly acquired. These are some of my favorites. True story. I actually hated the idea of being girly as a child, was more of the tom-boyish type if you will, and highly objected to nails and nail polish, and actually had a bad habit of biting them up until a few years back while pregnant with Wyeth. For some reason then I decided I need to have nails and I wanted to start painting them. I bought a few colors and then the collection slowly grew. I try to paint them weekly, if I have time and the kiddos have both been loving being able to join in too. Do you collect nail polish? What's your favorite color, brand, etc.? I love the Sally Hansen Xtreme brand and my fav would have to be (same brand) "Mint Sorbet" Enjoy! :)
FOUR IMAGES  Top L (Me): Sinful Colors Professional, Pink Forever 313 : Sally Hansen, Sun Kissed 150 : Sally Hansen, Mellow Yellow 360 : Pure Ice, Free Spirit (Green) 303 : Wet N Wild White 449C Top R (Penny): Sinful Colors Professional, Pink Forever 313 : Pure Ice, No Means No (Purple) 542 : Pure Ice, Free Spirit (Green) 303 Bottom L (Wyeth): Pure Ice, Free Spirit 303 : Wet N Wild White 449C : Pure Ice, Free Spirit (Green) 303 Bottom R (Me): Sally Hansen, Celeb City 220  
TOP: Pure Ice, Iced Coffee 827  ::  Sally Hansen, Sun Kissed 150  ::  Sally Hansen, Mellow Yellow 360  ::  Sally Hansen, Mint Sorbet 340  ::  Pure Ice, Free Spirit (Green) 303  BOTTOM: Essie, Navigate Her 785 (thanks Lindsay)  ::  Essie, Dive Bar 775 (thanks Lindsay)  ::  Sally Hansen, Gunmetal 310  ::  Sally Hansen, Time to Shine  ::  Sally Hansen, Celeb City 220  ::  NYC Long Wearing, Black Lace Creme 119  ::  Sinful Colors Professional, All About You 921

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  1. There was a time when I came back home from the city with at least one new nail polish. So, yes, I collect them, not sure about the exact number, but it will be something around 100. I used to pain my nails differently every other day, but stopped in the beginning of this year. I will have to start the nail play again, because I know how colourful nails can brighten the day :)

  2. I LOVE nail polish. I was very into painting my nails in high school, and within the last year I've picked up the habit again, and my polish collection has grown fast. I'm a big fan of layering. One of my favorites, especially for the summer because it reminds me of mermaids, is Nail Junky by Sinful Colors. It looks awesome over dark or light colors.

    One of my favorite brands overall is Diamond Cosmetics. They are only available online, but they are also a distributor/re-brander, and I know for a fact that other companies market the same polishes under different names for a lot more than the $2.50-$3 per bottle they sell it for. The swatch dots on their site aren't always super accurate, so I find it helps to do a google image search of particular colors you like to get a sense of what they really look like (lots of people are swatching colors on their nails and sharing them on their blogs these days, which is so great!).

    Their site is definitely worth checking out:


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