Thursday, July 05, 2012



The boy and I got out for a quick thrift run over last weekend. We're trying to downsize on stuff currently in our home so I really haven't been buying to much for us but there were a few things I spotted and loved, and kinda wish I went back to buy. The Star Wars mask was pretty sweet! Wanted it but so didn't need it, but so worth trying on. And the large Finland Piggy bank (red big pig pictured) I wish I grabbed it. Kinda kicking myself for it cause I saw one prior for 40 bucks (at antique store) but this one was far less but the bottom little door to remove your money was busted. The Minnetonka's were by far my more favorite find while out and the boy loved that we found him a school house to put pictured of him from school in. I can't believe it but this guy starts school this Fall. How did that happen? He also got a little 35mm Camera (grabbed one for his sister too) which we're going to get them some film to try their hand at picture taking. I'm expecting feet and blurred shots but I think this will be fun for them. We spotted a huge train/activity table. We've been on the hunt for one for some time but they are always well over 100 and I was surely not going to pay for one that high. This one was way cheap so we just had to get it. Even though we kinda don't have room in our little home for it but oh well. The real challenge was getting it into the car. We got it though ;) So have you had any fun finds or things your skipped over while thrifting lately?


  1. Love those moccasins! The piggy bank is pretty cute too. I have a very small collection of 3 piggy banks that I collected when I was younger.

  2. Loove all this stuff! That bank is so cute!

    I recently passed on a set of vintage mugs with big mushrooms on them, they were super cute and inexpensive but since my mom is complaining about the mug clutter, I just walked away. I am always tempted to buy whatever I want and box it up for my future home though!

  3. LOL Love the pic of the table in the car-- we've had many a trip to the store that ended with the kids in the back seat "holding" tables, chairs & the like

  4. That school house picture frame is absolutely wonderful! I love how there are 12 slots. :D

  5. awwwww! it looks so amazing! thrifting in the uk is nothing like this at all! Its full of charity shops stuff that no one will touch!

  6. I love the little schoolhouse! Wicked sweet.


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