Friday, July 27, 2012



Watermelon nails... well why not? I have been hunting for ideas of what to paint on my nails and for some reason fruit kept coming to mind. I've been trying techniques with applying tapes to do lines or zig zags, but I'm so impatient and seem to stick the tapes on a wee bit to soon only to rip off the first layer I just applied. Bah! Silly me. Also, I'm right handed so how do you even swap the nail brush to finish your other hand. I'm so-so at this but manage somehow. I painted the watermelons using 2 coats of nail polish (colors noted below) and a sharpie. I'm an artists, so markers on skin is already the norm but I'm sure some of you will disagree. After applying the pink coat I moved on to slowly hand painting the green. I did mess up 2 whole nails and had to redo them (more than once) but after the polish was all dry then I grabbed my marker and doodled some little seeds. And there you have it, Watermelon nails. Easy peasy. Do you have any fun nail tips and tricks?
p.s. I'll be back after lunch around 2 with an all new Ware Wear Where post. See ya soon ;)


  1. Sooo cute! I love it! I think I'll try this but make them look like strawberries!


  2. I never would've thought to use a sharpie. What a sweet idea, thanks Sandi! :D

  3. These are so adorable Sandi! Great tutorial.


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