Monday, July 09, 2012



Snapshot of our weekend via Instagram. There was hanging out with the mister Momo (grandmother) who's visiting from out of town, a trip to the local library for some new books, the little miss is loving to mix match clothes and dress herself (above), trying to tolerating the 100+ degree heat but there were a few kiddo meltdowns but after refreshments everyone was so much happier, thrifting with family, a beautiful sunsets viewed from the car on a drive home, a trip to the zoo, a ride on the carousel for their 2nd time which they loved, hanging out with our sweet nephew, time relaxing on the couch with the mister doing nothing at all, watching a few good movies, and playing with our new little found kitty friends. All in all the weekend was just grand. 

About the Kittens //
I'm sure all you pet lover out there are curious about them and what's going on. For those of you unaware of what happened, we caught a stray mama cat and 3 (3 week old) babies living in our yard. We sadly can't keep 4 cats, it's just not possible. But we caught them and have been caring for them until we found new homes. We turned to every animal shelter and pet group in our area but no one would help us. We had them checked out by our vet (healthy other than worms which we are treating) and she said they would be great pets for loving owners. We finally turned to Craiglist and we've happily placed 2 of the 3 kittens in new loving homes. They are so young and still nursing so we are really cautious over who got to take them from the mama cat but 2 separate vet techs step up to the challenge of nursing these kitties and adding them to their families. We couldn't be more happy how it's all worked out.

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. What a fun weekend! So jealous of the carousel. Looks like you and the kids had a fun time. :)


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