Monday, July 23, 2012


I recently had someone comment to me "your weekend always looks so fun and happy! how do you do it all and find time for things when it's only a few days off?" Well, to answer that question... technically my weekends start on Thursday night as I have Fridays now off. And boy do I love having Fridays off! Either getting caught up with things out and about (dr's appts and running errands) or to tackling projects around the home, that extra day off is a huge plus. We (the mister and I) work really well together to budget our time and get it all done. Now I won't lie, we don't get everything on our list done, it's just not realistic these days. Having kiddos is work in itself and we wouldn't trade it for anything but we have to be practical of what we can and shouldn't even dream about, getting done. It's also not always happy times over here, as everyone has there moments. Example - the girl having a meltdown over 10 minutes wanting chocolate covered raisins for dinner and mom & dad trying to explain nicely why we're not going to eat them. We try to look past these little tiffs though and focus on the happy of our weekend. Cause the meltdowns or other issues just don't matter at the end of the day and that's stuff I don't really care to share, cause I'm sure everyone has them, and knows all about it. In no particular order though here's a few happy highlights from this past weekend - a thrift outing with the boy (he was psyched to find a brass cat figurine which is now named Luna, ha!), puzzle time with the kiddos, reading tons and tons of books, getting a new dress in the mail (thanks Doubledutch Boutique!), bringing the kitty indoors (she's adjusting well), at home movie night with the mister (War Horse - it was ok), tie dying with the boy, a mommy and me (with penny) date morning which was to 2 toy stores (she came home with a new book, purple balloon and small toy story toy which she had saved her bday money for), while we (penny and I) shared a mommy morning the mister and the boy had a dad and me movie date to see Ice Age 4 (which they enjoyed), there were some board games (I think we played Pac-Man 4x) ;) and the weather cooled down in the 90's so we pulled out the pool and also made it out to another new park. Busy, busy, busy like always, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Hope your weekend was happy!


  1. Looks like you guys had an awesome weekend!! So glad that Luna is settling in well and the kiddos love her so much!! :)

  2. Life is always about balance. I agree that having that one extra day helps. My husband usually has a three day weekend. We try to get the chores out of the way so we can do the fun stuff the other two days.

  3. What a lovely weekend. Tie dye fun yay.
    You and your kids are all so gorgeous.

  4. OMG they make a Pacman board game? How fun is that! Looks like the kids got a lot of playtime in this weekend. You have such a lovely family Sandi. <3

  5. looks like you had a great weekend and got a good balance of life generally. it aint all roses but then it aint all bad either!


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