Tuesday, July 31, 2012



Spending my weekends with these two (above) is always a blast! They are hilarious and the best of friends most days, and play and laugh so well together. The mister worked on miscellaneous project about our home as we prep for getting the house on the market but during his down time found time to make the kitty a scratching post, how sweet of him. I was over the moon to received the most lovely shoes from Ugglebo Clogs and a darling case from Iconemesis. Did a wee bit of shopping and ventured to the mall to walk about and window shop (love-loved those vinyl Mickey toys). The last time we were at a mall was over a year ago, and boy has it changed. The smell of cologne lingering in the air has always been my favorite though... that jokingly said... it actually makes me wanna barf, ha! The Lego store was pretty amazing, the kids loved it, and we also enjoyed stopping to view the carousel. A morning to two parks and picnic lunch, plus we spotted a Cicada coming out of his shell which was so unreal. There were pancakes, we're a breakfast loving/eating kinda family. And there was a little sewing time in there as the boy happily helped me wrap up a custom Ele. A few snapshots from our weekend. Enjoy :)


  1. What a wonderful weekend!! It's so amazing how much your little girl looks just like you! Sorry, I'm sure you hear that a lot).

  2. Looks like Luna is getting a little more comfy in the house! That pic of the kids at your feet, TOO CUTE!! They are so adorable! Love those Ugglebo's!

  3. I cannot get over how freaking adorable your children are!

  4. sandi i love watching your life , getting to share how you and the family go about your days! I am ALWAYS uplifted xo LOVE to all


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