Saturday, July 21, 2012


I've been on a "blue" kick lately. And while spotting things thru the week to share for todays post, everything I loved kept turning out to be blue. Hope you enjoy my finds and have a happy and wonderful weekend!

  • Really want this Thomas porcelain tea set over on Our Show Home
  • Awesome garden DIY Chevron Trellis over on Smile and Wave
  • Wishing these blue shoes (pictured above) weren't sold out in my size. So sad :(
  • This updated Before & After kitchen remodel on Design Sponge
  • Can't get this song by Ram Jam out of my head which our kids love to dance and sing to.
  • Leather wrapped arrow cuff from etsy shop Hollyhawk
  • Want this cute little aqua blue dress over at UO
  • Shanna Murray's Flag Conversation Towels over at West Elm ($9)
  • Loving this blue embroidery (not for sale, pictured above) over at etsy shop Lana Pelana
  • A Jello DIY to try for the kiddos. I was thinking Sweddish fish inside of it may be nice too ;)
  • I keep going back and forth in my head about this mug from Target I really love but don't need. 
  • These Geometric Necklaces, etsy seller Deuce Fashion + they are having 25% off orders!
  • The cat lover in me is already taking over as I'm eagerly awaiting this iphone case's arrival


  1. I shouldn't have looked! Those shoes are killer and of course the 8's all seem to be sold out. :P

  2. We're the same size :) Yes I was pretty bummed the 8's were all gone, booo.

  3. Love those shoes. I'm a 7. I hope they have one available for me.


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