Friday, September 21, 2012



While in Florida, we arranged a few special activities to do with the kids, one of which was to visit Mote Marine Aquarium. We had visited it last year while on vacation and the kiddos really loved it, so we decided prior that we would have to make a visit to it again this year. The mister, myself, plus the kiddos include are huge lovers of sea life (fish, jellies, sharks, etc.) and if you are a fan too, an in the Sarasota area you surely need to stop by this cute place. A few snapshots from our morning at the aquarium. Enjoy!
  • Jellies (above)
  • Sea Anemone. Do you spot Nemo and Marlin?
  • Sea Turtle watching (both the boy and girl)
  • An underwater family
  • Lionfish (aka Pterois Miles)
  • The boys shark tattoo (He's a true shark lover!)
  • Up close with sharks!
  • Family Photo

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