Monday, September 24, 2012


While in Florida we did a little date event with each of the kiddos and their grandparents to give them some one on one time. Myself, my dad and Wyeth travelled out to play mini golf which was Wyeth's first time playing and he loved it and even impressed us with 2 hole in ones. At he same time the mister, Penelope and my mom hung out at the house and did a little beauty salon date. Penny absolutely loves getting her nails (and toenails) done and my mom loves doing nails so it was a perfect little event. The mister snapped a few photos which can see her excitement? She loved it! I love this age where the kiddos are currently at. It's all about the little things which leave them with fun stories and happy smiles.


  1. welcome back! Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures of what looked to be an amazing holiday!

  2. So cute! So many good memories :)

  3. Oh my gosh, this is way too cute! I love your parents!! Miss Penny looks like she was loving that!


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