Friday, February 18, 2011

antique finds :: hitting the jack pot

antique mall finds

well over my lunch break today i decided to hit up the antique mall. i always love going there but don't walk away with stuff. the name alone "antique mall" pretty much sums it up for me. you're paying big bucks for stuff that really sometimes isn't big bucks at all. like an old deck of cards marked way over 30 bucks. seriously, it is worth that much! but today of all days i loaded my basket with some pretty amazing items. most of this stuff will be traveling to the shop over the next weeks but i'm still tossing back and forth in my head the puzzle. oh swoooooon! i nearly had a heart attack over it when i found out what i passed up. i bought the other great items at lunch and snapped a photo of the puzzle to text to the hubby to see what he though. i looked at it for a long time and really loved it but just couldn't fess up how much they wanted for it. so i passed on it and headed back to work. needless to say i did a google search and found some info about the maker and after realizing it's super rare and i passed on this incredible find, i jumped back in my car and booked it like you would believe back to the antique store and snatched that thing up like nobody's business.

what's pictured: TEMPORAMA DINNER SET - 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 saucers, 4 smaller blue plates, 4 bowls, salt and pepper, creamer, sugar bowl. STONEWARE DESIGNS - planter. FTD Hot Air Balloons Mug. WALTER BOSSE - iron and silver donkey. Kokeshi Doll - not in english, stamped but i can't read it. and the all time jackpot ORIGINAL 1974 ENZO MARI: 16 Pesci Wooden Puzzle in original box!!!

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  1. wow, THAT'S a big score!!! me, too, I would keep it for myself if I'd ever find one :)
    well done!


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