Thursday, February 17, 2011

collections :: dresses


over a hundred dresses and counting. a quick preview of some of penny's collection. if your wondering wow that's a lot, well, this is not everything she has. ha! this is just one row out of 3 total. i know, i know. a bit much for our little one. you're still probably shaking your head and rolling your eyes and calling me crazy. but when she starts to wear these little gems i'll surely start documenting them. and when they're soon to small they'll be up for grabs in the shop. that's a perk, right?! so keep your eyes peeled for future penny posts.


  1. can't wait to see her in all of these dresses! it's getting harder and harder to document the little miss!

  2. do i see mushroom print???? ohhhhhhh.

  3. the one squeezed in near the plaid red one and the yellow dots, yes, that one's a mushroom and frog top. you can see it here...


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