Thursday, March 31, 2011

artist : Laszlito Kovacs


Love, love, love this piece by European based artist Laszlito Kovacs!

Such a unique characterize style with bold, graphic illustrations. His work has an overall clean modern feel which I'm just loving everything about it. His color sense is just fabulous too.

Follow him here : Personal Site // Twitter // Facebook // Flickr // Etsy

iphone app screenshot

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tips 'n tricks - tip no. 1

occasionally i'd like to blog with advice and info from my own personal experiences. i don't intend to bore anyone though so i'll try to keep these posts short and sweet. my intent is to touch base on info like thrifting, buying, selling and tips and tricks which possibly may serve as useful advice, for sellers and/or collectors like myself. so here we go...

tip no. 1 - insure your mail

now you don't need to go insuring anything and everything. use your common knowledge to decided what these items would be. most often it's things which can not be replaced and/or higher priced items which if they were to get lost or broken you'd be at a loss. personally, i find myself insuring about 95% of packages i ship, just to cover my own butt in the instance something like this should happen.

like this item below which traveled along side three other 10" plates, four 5" plates and four mugs. sadly, this plate didn't make it. now, i'm not to sure if it was a drop kick by the mail man or bumping against something else along the way. but either way it was a bummer when the buyer contacted me saying all items arrived ok other than this plate. i loved this plate so much, and i am truly saddened this happened. but i will rest reassured tonight because it was insured. so now the post will be covering the tab.

damaged in transit

happy 18th

HAPPY BIRTHDAY shot out for my sister in law, Becca, who is 18 years young today! Oh to be 18 again. Have a fabulous day girl! Eat some cake for us. Love ya!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

collections : vintage kiddo ♥

vintage kiddo finds for the retro lovin' mama! all of these images pulled are from a handful of my favorite etsy shops. all items are for sale. see links below. enjoy!

etsy kiddo favs

{1} Saddle Shoes {2} 1960s Growth Chart {3} Lion Planter
{4} Pound Puppies Nightie {5} Yellow Floral Dress {6} 1959 Fisher Price Bus
{7} Popcorn Overalls {8} Cat Score Keeper {9} Pink Daisy Dress

Monday, March 28, 2011

art : blue


BLUE - Color Collaboration : A Children's Series

"Some days are yellow. Some are BLUE. On different days I'm different too.
You'd be surprised how many ways I change on different colored days...
On other days I'm other things. On bright BLUE days I flap my wings."

Quoted from our favorite color book : Dr. Seuss' - My Many Colored Days

We love blue, do you? Enjoy!

Blue : Color Reference

Sunday, March 27, 2011

vintage : shop update

a sneak peek of a few items which will be making their way into the shop throughout today. enjoy!

teapot dish towels
teapot linen dish towel

parrot linen
parrot linen hand towel

eagle plaque
eagle wooden wall plaque

stoneware planter
stoneware boy planter

owl mug
stoneware owl mug

Friday, March 25, 2011

motherhood : cars 2 promo

Cars 2 Promo

so i received a text last week about something with cars 2. at the time i thought cool, i'll have to check into this more, i bet wyeth would love it. then we got busy and more or less forgot about the text. i really didn't even know it was something big or i surely would have prepared better for what was about to come... today over lunch i noticed a bit of commotion. something about an awesome red car and a bunch of kids outside at crown center. i should have put the two and two together and remembered the text but nothing came to mind. then my desk neighbor arrived back from lunch out and informed me i was missing out on pixar cars and tow mater. BAM! it then hit me like a rock. i called home and asked B. to bring the kids down to work but he was busy and couldn't come. so i quickly hurried to get my work done, raced like a maniac drove home, grabbed wyeth and turned around to head back to work for a special cars 2 promo! i hadn't told him where we going when i grabbed him. but when we arrived... that smiling face just beamed with excitement and it truly made my day!

Cars 2 Promo : Lightning
the sun was a bit bright

Cars 2 Promo
full size models of the cars

Cars 2 Promo
Finn McMissle, Lightning McQueen, Mater

Thursday, March 24, 2011

collections : the letter P

P is for Pancakes, Pencils, Poppies, Princesses, Puppies, Polaroids, Peonies, Parrots, Pools, Peter Pan, Pianos, Potatoes, Peacocks, Pumpkins, Puzzles, Pecans and Penelope!

1.Brushed Steel 2.Letter Press 3.Gold
4.Pin 5.Red 6.Black Metal
7.Antique Gold 8.Mug 9.Thin Black

quotes to live by

I'm just loving this quote! I just stumbled upon it over @ Pinterest!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

motherhood : my heavy heart



to be the bearer of bad news, it's just not my thing. i get all hung up and lost for words. it leaves my heart feeling heavy with a deep sense of unease. as i constantly ponder the "what if's" and "why's" of life, i only feel saddened not having the answers. today was a hard day. surely one the grayest day i've had in a very long time...

it's been a few daunting weeks. first it was no eating. then followed by this painfully long weekend of 3 vet visits, multiple xrays, blood work, an ultrasound and final further testing to figure out what was wrong. being optimistic i guess didn't help. going into it all with high hopes that everything would be ok only made it that much worse because sadly it wasn't ok all along. the build up to today, left us having to say goodbye to our dog, micah. the best dog i could have ever asked for. a more loyal friend than some people i've meet in my lifetime. a faithful friend till the very end. an exceptionally smart pup and a truly amazing creature. though i feel 7 years wasn't long enough. i strongly believe they were all still happy ones!

micah 10/30/03 - 03/22/11

micah -
it saddens me not to see you here by my feet as i type. we all already miss you so much more then you'll ever know. i cry, realizing i will never see your silly face again. i will love you always, i promise. thank you for everything you've taught me. you were truly amazing dog! your spirit will live on in our hearts forever.
love, mommy

micah feb. 2004

micah june 2005

Micah dec. 2007

dec. 2010

art : mini magnet collections

Picture 8

i've had some positive feedback and a few question about these little cathrineholms bowls over at my benandi shop.

Q. can you offer sets?
Q. i love the colors but are there other colors?
Q. do you offer any other sizes?

A. after careful consideration. the answer to these questions is YES! so without further ado a sneak peek of one magnet collection which will soon be make it's way over to the shop.

Friday, March 18, 2011

motherhood : 10 Months

10 months

Not to sure where the time has gone, it seems like just yesterday you were a wee little baby needing to be held and carried about. Somewhere over the course of 0 to 10 months you became mobile and since then have been on the go go go! Needing to be everywhere your big brother is, and wanting badly for his full attention. You even has a little squeal you lets out that's like a call for him. No words saying "come here please" but the squeal is heard throughout the house and brother always comes running to see what you need. It's all so cute how you've slowly grown together. I'm hoping you two will continue to be the best of friends. I wish I could keep you small forever but at least today your only ten months old young!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

art : bunnies


did you know it's the year of the rabbit? i had created a few bunny pieces, pins, based around this but now with easter being right around the corner i figured maybe a few colorful bunnies would love to hop their way into the shop. they're speedy little guys that will be popping up very soon. so keep your eyelid's peeled or they may skip right past ya. enjoy!

art : plaster letter workshop

took a day away from work. typical we're (my co-worker's and i) sitting at a desk all day long doodling for hours on a computer. but today, well we enjoyed a day away. and outside for that matter! partook in a creative workshop with friends. made DIY plaster letters. each persons choose their own letter to their liking. created a template. formed the die. prepped the mix and poured away. it was a bunch of fun! there was good food and fresh warm weather which was just what i needed. it's back to the office today but this is something i would surely love to do again. my letter "B" was made for the mister. still have to wait a week for it all to set and then a bit of light sanding and it should be good as gold! we'll hope he loves it!

the die

pouring molds

loved this M

and this L too

and my molded B

art : night owl

i'm not to sure when, but i've slowly turn into a night owl? i'm really not the late night type. i love to sleep. i really do. on the weekends the mister generously gets up to hang out with the kiddos and lets me catch some extra zzz'z... so this really hasn't been making any sense. either way a lovely artist print to reflect the new me.

Night Owl by Jessica Lennox of Nightowlhandmade

etsy treasury : can you hear me now

received a friendly message about my fondue pot being featured
in this lovely treasury curator by GlazedOver. don't you just love
the cool grays and pops or yellow ocre. enjoy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

motherhood : winter blues

march poster blogged
march poster on etsy

today's been a rough day. and the weather. well it's fabulous out there but i'm stuck inside. i think i just need some outdoor time. a bit of dirt under my feet. my hands in the garden soil. play with my kiddos in the yard or pushing them on a swing. maybe a walk thru the park to clear my head. any of these things sounds perfect on a day like today.

dear march,
i know it's not your fault.
but i'm ready for spring!
so hurry it up please!
- sandi

Monday, March 14, 2011

art : red


RED - Color Collaboration : A Children's Series

Red is by far his favorite color. And we were overly thrilled to include a handful of his favorite items which can be spotted throughout the collection. A hammer, his camera, m & m's (his favorite candies) and of course his favorite car, lightning mcqueen! happy monday! enjoy!


shooting photographs of our red collection

Sunday, March 13, 2011

art : benandi updates


etsy shop: benandi

working on some new pieces for the shop.
above : a taste of what's over there currently.
below : work to come.

customize your piece // offering your choice of fasteners.

bling, bling! a collection of rings.

motherhood : daylight savings

daylight savings! what?! you dropped the bomb on me. we seriously had no idea you were today. i was curious why my computer an cell read 10 and all the other clocks in our home still read 9. i jumped onto google even phoned my mom to ask her and she got a good chuckle about us not knowing. i guess i need to be more on top of things and purchase a calendar so i can clear mark out when you're on the way.

etsy : print by ashleyg

etsy treasury : science 101

Science 101

i created a treasury on etsy, science 101! i just love science, especially anatomy. it was fun hunting for these fabulous science related items. enjoy!

home : handyman projects

well he's building yet again...

well the mister has been pleasantly surprising me with hand storage solutions for our small home. as some of you may know we tried to list our house last year. sadly with the economy being down, and one crappy looking unpleasing next door neighbors home we had no luck. we had over a dozen showings and a lot of positive feedback but it obviously just wasn't the right time. so we're making due with what we have for the time being. we truly LOVE our home, we've made it our own and put a lot of work into it. but our main concerns have been with our growing family there just isn't enough room. we're lacking a basement, some extra closet/storage space, and a second bath. so the mister has taken it upon himself to create extra storage solutions which will help us out and hopefully boost our resale value if/when the time comes around for us to decide to stay or sell.

the piece above is for the laundry room. about 90% done. adding storage and a table top for projects or throwing neatly folding piles of laundry.

the tv stand housing his cd collection.

new shelving
floor to ceiling dvd book storage shelf.

Friday, March 11, 2011

frecklewonder winner : number fifteen!!


the green fondue pot free giveaway winner over at the frecklewonder blog is number 15 : Zoe Kyrlova! and thank you to all who participated in the contest.

green giveaway winner : number twelve!!!

with all votes in for the free green giveaway collection, the random generator has chosen comment number 12. congrats janae! and thank you to all who participated in the contest. since i want everyone to be a winner please feel free to use coupon code "frecklefriend" over at my shop for 15% off your order. and please check back often as i plan on more FREE giveaways throughout the year!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

shopping : random doormats

as the weather slowly gets nicer and spring is on it's way i think it's time for a new doormat. a few cool ones that are out there, which i'm sure the mister would approve of, and that would surely draw some attention from our neighbors...

Computer Enter Key

Space Invade LED

Dance Party

B Side Cassette Tape


...and surely confuse them.
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