Thursday, March 17, 2011

art : plaster letter workshop

took a day away from work. typical we're (my co-worker's and i) sitting at a desk all day long doodling for hours on a computer. but today, well we enjoyed a day away. and outside for that matter! partook in a creative workshop with friends. made DIY plaster letters. each persons choose their own letter to their liking. created a template. formed the die. prepped the mix and poured away. it was a bunch of fun! there was good food and fresh warm weather which was just what i needed. it's back to the office today but this is something i would surely love to do again. my letter "B" was made for the mister. still have to wait a week for it all to set and then a bit of light sanding and it should be good as gold! we'll hope he loves it!

the die

pouring molds

loved this M

and this L too

and my molded B


  1. these are so great! how fun! i hope to see your finished B. will you do anything more to it? paint it or glaze it??

    i would love for you to share a tutorial, this looks too fun!

  2. i would surely love to do an online tutorial. after it's removed from the mold (about 5 days from pouring) it needs a bit of sanding and then it's pretty much done. a few people are planning on painting theirs but i really like the matte look so i may leave it white if not paint it flat black.

  3. ohhhh i really like it!
    that would be so much fun to do!!!
    wish i could do something like that around here..

  4. Would love to see the finished product - such a great project. Thinking of some cool fonts to use...

  5. oh thanks wendy! well it's been sitting my garage still drying. the cool weather really hasn't helped. i am actually planning on sanding it this weekend so keep your eyes peeled for and updated post along side a DIY tutorial :-)

  6. That workshop looks like it was a blast. Will there be another one some time soon? Can you tell me who did it and where?

  7. thanks patrick, i'm not to sure why i didn't get around to a tutorial, i'll put it on my to do list to show you all how. i did these with a group of co-workers :)


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