Sunday, March 13, 2011

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well he's building yet again...

well the mister has been pleasantly surprising me with hand storage solutions for our small home. as some of you may know we tried to list our house last year. sadly with the economy being down, and one crappy looking unpleasing next door neighbors home we had no luck. we had over a dozen showings and a lot of positive feedback but it obviously just wasn't the right time. so we're making due with what we have for the time being. we truly LOVE our home, we've made it our own and put a lot of work into it. but our main concerns have been with our growing family there just isn't enough room. we're lacking a basement, some extra closet/storage space, and a second bath. so the mister has taken it upon himself to create extra storage solutions which will help us out and hopefully boost our resale value if/when the time comes around for us to decide to stay or sell.

the piece above is for the laundry room. about 90% done. adding storage and a table top for projects or throwing neatly folding piles of laundry.

the tv stand housing his cd collection.

new shelving
floor to ceiling dvd book storage shelf.

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