Friday, March 25, 2011

motherhood : cars 2 promo

Cars 2 Promo

so i received a text last week about something with cars 2. at the time i thought cool, i'll have to check into this more, i bet wyeth would love it. then we got busy and more or less forgot about the text. i really didn't even know it was something big or i surely would have prepared better for what was about to come... today over lunch i noticed a bit of commotion. something about an awesome red car and a bunch of kids outside at crown center. i should have put the two and two together and remembered the text but nothing came to mind. then my desk neighbor arrived back from lunch out and informed me i was missing out on pixar cars and tow mater. BAM! it then hit me like a rock. i called home and asked B. to bring the kids down to work but he was busy and couldn't come. so i quickly hurried to get my work done, raced like a maniac drove home, grabbed wyeth and turned around to head back to work for a special cars 2 promo! i hadn't told him where we going when i grabbed him. but when we arrived... that smiling face just beamed with excitement and it truly made my day!

Cars 2 Promo : Lightning
the sun was a bit bright

Cars 2 Promo
full size models of the cars

Cars 2 Promo
Finn McMissle, Lightning McQueen, Mater


  1. i'm so happy that you guys got to see it :D
    it looks like he had an awesome time!!! i'm sure he will love the movie, i know im excited to see it

  2. What a great thing to see and we know he was just as excited as you! Love always to you all.

  3. my little guy is just two and has not seen the movies, but he is soooo incredibly passionate about anything with wheels! he would go nuts over this!

  4. it was a lot of fun! but now he's mentioning how he needs a finn mcmissle car for his bday. we'll see if i can even find one


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