Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tips 'n tricks - tip no. 1

occasionally i'd like to blog with advice and info from my own personal experiences. i don't intend to bore anyone though so i'll try to keep these posts short and sweet. my intent is to touch base on info like thrifting, buying, selling and tips and tricks which possibly may serve as useful advice, for sellers and/or collectors like myself. so here we go...

tip no. 1 - insure your mail

now you don't need to go insuring anything and everything. use your common knowledge to decided what these items would be. most often it's things which can not be replaced and/or higher priced items which if they were to get lost or broken you'd be at a loss. personally, i find myself insuring about 95% of packages i ship, just to cover my own butt in the instance something like this should happen.

like this item below which traveled along side three other 10" plates, four 5" plates and four mugs. sadly, this plate didn't make it. now, i'm not to sure if it was a drop kick by the mail man or bumping against something else along the way. but either way it was a bummer when the buyer contacted me saying all items arrived ok other than this plate. i loved this plate so much, and i am truly saddened this happened. but i will rest reassured tonight because it was insured. so now the post will be covering the tab.

damaged in transit

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  1. Sad to see such a lovely plate in pieces.... Insurance and Delivery Confirmation are musts :)


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