Saturday, April 30, 2011

DIY : kiddo swimsuit

came across this amazing DIY tutorial over on No Big Dill on how to make a kiddo swimsuit. so sad i didn't find this a bit before our trip or else i would have made it. but go ahead and jump on over to this blog and check it out. this will surely be my next kiddo sewing project for miss penny, for this summer! i was a bit smitten too because the article is titled " pennies swimsuit tutorial " and is dated 18 may 2010. the day our little penny was born... coincidence?

everyday life : off to florida

well we're off traveling to sunny florida today to celebrate with my brother his college graduation, woohoo! we've yet to take the kiddos to the beach so we made a long week out of it and will be gone till mother's day. the shops will remain open and orders will be shipped when i return, this info is update on each of the shop pages. i will be limiting my internet access time to spend time with the fam but the blog will be rolling on without me. i've been typing like a mad lady and lined up some fun posts for you all while i'm away. just to name a few : take ten tuesday, a diy kiddo project via friends blog & a home tour of a special kiddos bedroom. there are a bunch of other exciting posts in there too but you'll just have to check back to see them all. and make sure to also register by may 8th for the rainbow giveaway, linked on the right top under my profile image. we'll take care fellow friends and i'll see you in a week, or maybe sooner. ;-)

Friday, April 29, 2011

scoot. grab. pull. stand!


she's been on the move for quite some time but now she's really getting into standing and letting go to balance without our help. it's crazy how quickly this all happens. they truly don't stay young for long. i'm sure she'll be walking in no time and then she'll be off to a mad sprint...

p.s. before some people start to ask "what is that thing?" i figured i'd just let ya know, it's the plush gazzo giraffe stacking toy. and it's super cute btw, promise!

springtime skys

{ photo via me }

this sky, those clouds, the pinks and purples atop of a blue backdrop. i'm not to sure what it is. if it's the stormy weather which keeps passing thru leaving the sky's looking like this. or the overall seasons changing to make way for beautiful summer sunsets. either way, it's been looking mighty lovely out here {kansas} and i thought you'd enjoy the view.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

the RAINBOW giveaway (closed)

Ready for a giveaway!?! I know I'm super excited about this May Freebie Giveaway! As both my kiddos are celebrating birthdays this May, your giveaway is in honor of them. So whatta think of this retro rainbow vintage kiddo (or adult) bed set? It including one standard pillow case, one twin flat sheet and one twin fitted sheet. And how cool will your kiddo be with these awesome colored sheets. See ways to enter this contest listed below. Good Luck! ♥ s

How to Enter : Enter up to 3 times by doing each of the following.
Please leave a separate comment for each entry listed:

1. Leave a comment & let me know which item is your favorite over at
2. Follow this blog - link on left sidebar & leave a comment that you did so
3. Follow me on Twitter and Tweet this giveaway. Be sure to include @adalouvintage so I can find your post to RT.

You have till May 8th to enter and the Winner will be announced Monday, May 9th!

* These items will be shipped worldwide, so international readers welcome!

** And don't forget to leave me a way to get in touch with you so you can receive these lovely items should you win!

This giveaway is now closed! 
Thank you to all who entered!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

etsy : Coupon Code


Thank you for your support to reach my monthly goal!
This coupon code is now closed.

for  20% OFF  your order!

just 5 sales shy of my monthly goal to reach 200 sales! i can't believe it's so close! no pressure but if you do make your way over to the shop, please use the coupon code for 20% discount on your order. and thank you again for all your support. happy tuesday!

take ten tuesdays : hoot hoot! {owls}


{1} photo {2} kiddo tee {3} painting {4} trivet{5} salt n' pepper shakers

cookie jar {7} clock {8} sculpture {9} pillow {10} mug

Monday, April 25, 2011

weekend in pictures // thrifted

loot of bed sheets, pillow cases and books from a quick run easter afternoon.

** highlights from the weekend:
wyeth and penny have been getting along so well. he even made his way into "her cool playpen" to play with some of her toys. we went stollin' to the park.  there was homemade harvest bread, yum! the yard was prepped (huge hole dug) for the sandbox. and it was stained and sill be installed soon, pictures to follow. we shot out brown color collaboration. we enjoyed easter baskets and candy. spent time with family. thrifted some amazing linens (6 more not pictured, in the wash). and we ended the weekend watching a new movie, tangled!

** sometimes i can be long winded. so in longer posts, i'll be highlighting words in alternate colors that reflect back to the topic of my discussion. so at first glance you should be able to catch up on all highlights items in a matter of seconds. hope this helps!  s 

art : brown


BROWN - Color Collaboration : A Children's Series

Monkeys, Potato Head and who could forget Tow Mater! Our collection of brown arose the question of why not easter chocolates? And as I pondered this over in my head, thinking how yummy a candy collection may be, it came to my attention that it may have all slowly disappeared off the table before the photo shot was done. Needless to say a few items, non candy related in the wonderful shade of brown. Hope your weekend was great and your easter was filled with brown... chocolate that is!
happy monday!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter // happy birthday nana

we're hoping your easter is filled with fun, good company and yummy food...
and maybe a bit of chocolate too! ♥ s

and a very special birthday wish to my Nana, 
who's celebrating her 82nd Birthday today too!
we love you nana and happy birthday! sending xo's from kansas!

Great Grandmother Mildred and Annie Belle (my nana)
great grandmother mildred holding nana (the baby)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

motherhood : strollin' to the park

last night was gorgeous out. so we decided a stroll to the playground was in order. there were a few stops to admire the flowers and trees in bloom. enjoy!

trees in bloom
 hostas in our yard
strollin' away
more hostas
the playground!
tunnel slides
mom and penny
can you tell by this face how much fun he had

artist : steph davlantes

recently stumbled upon artist, steph davlantes and i'm just loving these alphabet cards for a game she's made called hear say do how to. these simple yet educational flash cards are a great learning tool for any kiddo. just trace the shapes to practice your letters and you'll be memorizing your abc's in no time.

find her here // personal site

Friday, April 22, 2011

treasury : an etsy easter!

the weekend is here and i'm excited for easter! and family time, an chocolates, and egg hunts. an easter themed treasury with a few close up of the items i really loved!!!
happy friday & happy easter weekend!

swoooon! how gorgeous is this dressmade by supayana {via}

hunny bunny painting by jennifer davis {via}

dwarfette bunny by giant dwarf {via}

adorable knickerbocker rabbit {via}

everyday life : hair care 101

i won't lie, it's hard having curly hair. if i want it to look all girly and cute i really have to work hard at it. sometimes it works other times it has a mind all it's own. looking back over the years it's really had some crazy transformations leading up to what it is today. it's been long, it's been short, trimmed and donated it multiple times, buzzed it off bald, colored it some crazy colors, blues, pinks, greens, (loved the colors, don't think my work would dig this though) and i've even had dreads. are you getting any visuals. can you see me with all of this yet? either way, you name it i think i've pretty much covered it. i've been playing a guessing game with hair products for year and i've slowly stumbled upon some great care products for us curly hair gals, or guys. feel free to share what you use, own, hate, must have's. i'm always interested in trying something new.


{1} Catwalk Curls Rock Moisturizer  {2} V05 Hot Oil Treatment  {3} Samy Get Curls

 {4} Rosemary Mint Suave Shampoo  {5} St. Ives No Frizz  {6} Bumble & Bumble Styling Creme

Thursday, April 21, 2011


we're going to SIESTA KEY in 9 DAYS! nine days, woohoo! i'm so excited! it just blows my mind that this vacation is almost here. the kids have never been to the beach so we're so looking forward to this fun family time as we meet up with my brothers (one's graduating college there) and the parents in sunny sarasota florida! as i was collecting items for my weekly wear. ware. where. post i couldn't help but gather inspiration around our trip. i'm ready for the beach! and maybe a bit of a tan too. enjoy!

wear. ware. where.

wear : Swimsuit 
ware : Tote Bag
where : Siesta Beach

what i wore wednesday & hint # 2

what i wore (4/20)

{wednesday april 20th}

not sure how this happened, because it surely wasn't planned this way. but i ended up sporting a lot of mossimo ware yesterday. oh and if you're curious, i'm standing on the lumber for the kiddo birthday gift, the misters new building project. he said it was ok, promise. he was even so nice to stacked it upright for the photo. any guesses what it may be? need another hint? 

gray top // mossimo {thifted}
black coat // mossimo {target}
scarf // oscar de la renta {thrifted}
olive shoes // toms {new}
jeans // mossimo {target}

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

sweet rides : volkswagen

so i have this thing for VOLKSWAGEN. over the years i've owned 2. my current car, '03 bright red jetta wagon (the mom car) and my second ever car (back in college) the 1990 vw Gti. my brother currently has a golf (love you bro, but i'm a bit jealous of your sweet ride) and my mom had told me of her vintage powder blue beetle before i was born. so all in all something about VW just excites me! i love the shapes, the colors, the styles. i find myself more intrigued with the classic cars decades ago over the newer ones. but none the less i heart them all! enjoy!


{1} GTi  {2} Passat * {3} Samba  {4} Square Back * 

{5} Fast Back  {6} Karmann Ghia  {7} Thing  {8} Beetle

* not sure of the year. looks to be this year / model

motherhood : a weekend in pictures

so our past weekend was packed with activities. it seemed to fly by in a flash and now, somehow, it's already wednesday. and i'm blogging about this late. but better late than never. so here ya have it. a few highlights from our busy and super exciting weekend...

on friday night. after the kiddos were in bed. the mister and i made fondue, yum!

on saturday morning penny showed off her cup drinking skills.
so we decided that night we would * cut out the bottle. 
and we were lucky because it was such a smooth transaction. 
now just to figure out the foolish pacifier.

also on saturday morning we started operation potty!
we had been anticipating this day for a while so why not add bit of crazy 
to our weekend and see how he'd do. and to our surprise he did AWESOME!
each day was better than the last and yesterday was an accident free day! score!

the mister bought some new lumber to start on his next building project.
gift for the kiddos birthdays next month. hint. it's something for the yard.
and to add even more excitement to the mix w. wanted to take his * first shower,
which was a bit of crying at first then followed by "this water is tickling me mom."

we went on walks. and inside we enjoyed puzzles, books, legos and lite-brite.

there was helping dad with tools about the house. and a trip to the thrift.

we jammed and danced to some new tunes! penny gladly adjust the volume.
and i drew a few doodles for a soon to be shop update. 

hope you all had an enjoyable weekend too! s

* shower image {via} bottle image {via}

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

motherhood : what's in that!?!

image {via}

so i just got a lunchtime text message from the mister. for those of you who don't know us to well, he's our SAHP (stay at home parent), works part-time in the morning and then spends the days home with kiddos. either way. i felt his text was worthy of sharing...

mister - was gonna give the kfc "honey sauce" to the boy with dino nuggets... until i saw it's 11% honey. what the hell is the other 89%

me - throw that thing away!

so first off you may be wondering why we have kfc honey sauce. answer. it was a busy saturday and we didn't feel like cooking. we voted on fat food and kfc won. beyond this though. back to the question of...

what's in that honey sauce? 
sugars, syrup, added flavors? do you know?

take ten tuesdays : eames inspired

eames inspired

{1} Handbag {2} Paper {3} Photo {4} Pillow {5} Watch 

{6} Bear {7} Necklace {8} Shoes {9} Stamps {10} Fabric

Monday, April 18, 2011

quotes to live by


art : pink


PINK - Color Collaboration : A Children's Series

happy monday morning! i hope you all had a wonderful weekend! i know ours was packed full of adventures. i'll blog about it in a bit, but for now we wanted to share our kiddo color for the week, PINK! this weekend there was spin on things, as wyeth decided though that he loved pink but he'd opted out for some dad and son bonding time and hand off the pick collection to miss penny. of course he still helped pick out his own stuff. so no girly items here but i think penny liked sporting his shades.

enjoy! s & p

call me shades!

penny and pink
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