Monday, April 04, 2011

art : purple

PURPLE - Color Collaboration : A Children's Series

Purple was a hard color for us. Not because we don't love purple, because we surely do. But because after hunting thru all of the toys and other items we use daily were at a loss for purple. So we found what we could and though our collections a bit small, non the less it's a grouping of items we enjoy from day to day. happy monday!

Updated 2PM - our friend Pippi of pippi parade asked to share in our color collaboration fun. of course we said yes! this weeks color purple was actually picked because it's her favorite color. her color collection now featured below! go check out her blog she's also joined in for green and red.

Wanna join in for the fun? We'd love to have you! Send an email titled "color collaboration" to adalou1 {at} and I'll send you the info and new color for the week ahead.



  1. I have loved seeing your color collaboration posts. This one made me grin because of the "monster mash" playing card. That is one of Max's absolute favorite games!

  2. the artwork is so cool, we love those monster mash cards too!


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