Sunday, April 03, 2011

DIY : Tissue Paper Flowers

DIY tissue paper flowers

these pretty little flowers are so simple you'll surely be making yourself an entire bouquet to hang about your house before i'm even finished with the tutorial. they're simple, quick and perfect for a birthday party, baby shower or maybe even a garden party. plus you choose the colors so you can easily coordinate them to your own likings. either way i think you'll enjoy making them so here we go...

DIY tissue flowers

supplies list:
pipe cleaners
tissue paper (3+ sheets per flower)
string for hangging

{1} your supplies. fold your paper in half. see photo.

{2} with you paper folded in half start to accordion fold.

{3} your accordion fold works best if it's 2" - 3" per folds.

{4} pinch in the center and twist on your pipe cleaner.

{5} cut the ends to be rounded. half circles. flip and cut other end.

{6} turn sideways and start to spread the pieces.

{7} photo of pieces spread so far

{8} carefully pull apart the layers of tissue paper. pulling in an
upward method towards the center of your pipe cleaner.

{9} after the flower is made i like to wrap the pipe cleaner around
my finger and make a hoop for hanging. cut the remaining pieces short.

{10} finished flower should look something like this.

Click HERE for a LARGER size gif of the images above. If you need a closer view.

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