Saturday, April 02, 2011

motherhood : a morning with wyeth

like every parent knows, with multiple kiddo's you always have your hands full. you do things as a group and "mommy/daddy and me time" is limited to more of an overall "us time". but every now and again we've felt that it's a good thing to spend some quality time with just one kiddo. so today was one of those days. ben hung out with miss p and i shared a fun filled morning with wyeth.

breakfast yum!
we started the day off right with a special treat, his choice of breakfast. handmade fresh donuts from john's space age donut's a fabulous local shop near our home and a cup of banana milk by shatto. yum!

then we jumped into the car for a ride over to the deanna rose farmstead.

first we stopped to check out the tractor

they have a native american display there. so we walked thru a few teepee's

we stopped to ride a tractor
tractor riding

and checkout another tractor which i was informed "it's broken i need my wrench please, so i can fix it"... we seemed to have forgotten our wrench at home though. so we left it for someone else to repair (it wasn't broken btw)

we stopped for a snack. what a silly face!
snack break

we fed some goats
feeding the goats

stopped at the general store. asked to buy a tractor... left with a tractor.
general store

climbed all about the kids area

and soared on the swings

and then decided we needed some lunch so we said good bye to the farm for today
deanna rose farmstead

we exited thru the barn but before making it out the other side i was asked
"i like that ceiling, can we please stop and look at it for a while?"
and so we sat for a few minutes and admired the ceiling from afar.


  1. i might have to visit missouri or kansas just to try this banana milk..i love the packaging! looks like you had a fun day!

  2. PinkPug, INK it was a fun day indeed! and the milk... it's surely to die for. plus it comes in the coolest glass jars. and if you return the jar you get a 1/2 refund for your purchase. who can beat that!

  3. loved looking at the pictures hon! its great to see Wyeth with the tractors he loves


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