Monday, April 11, 2011

motherhood : a weekend in pictures

april weekend

warm, summer like weather. 92 and sunny to be exact! we hit the farmers market on saturday. bought all of our veggie/herbs to plant in the garden. spent a few hours getting the garden prepped. weeding. cleaning up the boxes. re-fencing the plants to keep out little bunny friends out. wyeth made mud puddles between watering the plants. got a little burnt. in the evening the mister and i enjoyed some time without the kiddos. celebrated a good friends 29th bday with dinner and drinks at the hibachi grill. on sunday the weather was nice yet again. our little guy wore his "cool shades" most of the morning. how cute is he! we met up with friends and their kiddo for lunch at brgr. never been there before but yum, it was good! after lunch we enjoy more time at home outdoors in the sandbox... which appears to be a bit to small now for two kiddos. so the mister is looking into building a bigger one. the little lady is trying so hard to walk. she's got the pull to stand thing down. now for a few steps which i feel will be real soon. took our orange photo for the new week ahead. and the weekend was ended with a another fabulous meal by the mister. not the one pictured. that one was on friday night treat when he made sweet and sour chicken, veggies and rice, yum! hope you all had a great weekend!

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