Wednesday, April 20, 2011

motherhood : a weekend in pictures

so our past weekend was packed with activities. it seemed to fly by in a flash and now, somehow, it's already wednesday. and i'm blogging about this late. but better late than never. so here ya have it. a few highlights from our busy and super exciting weekend...

on friday night. after the kiddos were in bed. the mister and i made fondue, yum!

on saturday morning penny showed off her cup drinking skills.
so we decided that night we would * cut out the bottle. 
and we were lucky because it was such a smooth transaction. 
now just to figure out the foolish pacifier.

also on saturday morning we started operation potty!
we had been anticipating this day for a while so why not add bit of crazy 
to our weekend and see how he'd do. and to our surprise he did AWESOME!
each day was better than the last and yesterday was an accident free day! score!

the mister bought some new lumber to start on his next building project.
gift for the kiddos birthdays next month. hint. it's something for the yard.
and to add even more excitement to the mix w. wanted to take his * first shower,
which was a bit of crying at first then followed by "this water is tickling me mom."

we went on walks. and inside we enjoyed puzzles, books, legos and lite-brite.

there was helping dad with tools about the house. and a trip to the thrift.

we jammed and danced to some new tunes! penny gladly adjust the volume.
and i drew a few doodles for a soon to be shop update. 

hope you all had an enjoyable weekend too! s

* shower image {via} bottle image {via}

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  1. The move from bath time to shower time is a big deal! I'm glad he liked it. So cute!


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