Tuesday, April 19, 2011

motherhood : what's in that!?!

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so i just got a lunchtime text message from the mister. for those of you who don't know us to well, he's our SAHP (stay at home parent), works part-time in the morning and then spends the days home with kiddos. either way. i felt his text was worthy of sharing...

mister - was gonna give the kfc "honey sauce" to the boy with dino nuggets... until i saw it's 11% honey. what the hell is the other 89%

me - throw that thing away!

so first off you may be wondering why we have kfc honey sauce. answer. it was a busy saturday and we didn't feel like cooking. we voted on fat food and kfc won. beyond this though. back to the question of...

what's in that honey sauce? 
sugars, syrup, added flavors? do you know?


  1. Hahahahahaha! Ok, this is too funny. We just had KFC tonight because I worked late and as you understand sometimes it just has to be done. I pulled out those honey packets and realized that it said "honey sauce" and I thought, what is honey "sauce"?

  2. isn't this strange? i find it a bit odd that it's stamped honey sauce in big writing yet it's not really honey at all. i guess that's the "sauce" part, teehee!


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