Friday, April 29, 2011

scoot. grab. pull. stand!


she's been on the move for quite some time but now she's really getting into standing and letting go to balance without our help. it's crazy how quickly this all happens. they truly don't stay young for long. i'm sure she'll be walking in no time and then she'll be off to a mad sprint...

p.s. before some people start to ask "what is that thing?" i figured i'd just let ya know, it's the plush gazzo giraffe stacking toy. and it's super cute btw, promise!


  1. my little birdie has been doing the same! just started last week. crrrzy! how old is penny?

  2. thanks lady! your little birdie is so cute and on the move already! scary to think that they'll be walking in no time. little penny will be a year on may 18th, i can't believe that's so soon now too!

  3. awww it happens so fast! she is a cutey :)


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