Wednesday, April 20, 2011

sweet rides : volkswagen

so i have this thing for VOLKSWAGEN. over the years i've owned 2. my current car, '03 bright red jetta wagon (the mom car) and my second ever car (back in college) the 1990 vw Gti. my brother currently has a golf (love you bro, but i'm a bit jealous of your sweet ride) and my mom had told me of her vintage powder blue beetle before i was born. so all in all something about VW just excites me! i love the shapes, the colors, the styles. i find myself more intrigued with the classic cars decades ago over the newer ones. but none the less i heart them all! enjoy!


{1} GTi  {2} Passat * {3} Samba  {4} Square Back * 

{5} Fast Back  {6} Karmann Ghia  {7} Thing  {8} Beetle

* not sure of the year. looks to be this year / model


  1. i've had several vw's! a couple jettas but my favorite (and first) Was a little red fox! i loved that car, and it was so good to me.

    we have a honda (civic hybrid) now, thinking about trading it in... mama has her eye on a volvo wagon but the mister is thinking we might go back to a vw. :)

  2. i loved the fox and my good friend had a convertible rabbit! loved them too! totally not the same as cars now a days. funny you mentioned volvo wagon, great cars too! my mom had the cross country, that things was also a sweet ride!

  3. Yay! looks good Sandi! Now we just both need to get a Karmann Ghia. I'll take that blue one :D We would look pretty cool with matching cars, lol!

  4. I've always loved the boxiness of Thing. I want one soooooo bad!

  5. ahhh!!! a fellow vw lover. I drive a rabbit....but I'll always have a love affair with the vw bus.

  6. sara - yes we totally need # 6!

    misfit tribe - those "things" are so cool looking. a college professor of mine had a silver one which i admired from the teacher lot, that "thing" was awesome!

    school of vintage - a rabbit!!! you're too cool! i knew i wasn't the only vw obsessed one out there. ;-)


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