Monday, April 04, 2011

vintage : first friday finds // recap

Picture 15

recap on first fridays finds

orange dansk pot (for the shop)
copco enamelware fondue set
blue floral tunic dress
4 vintage lace trays (for the shop)
1960s vinyl bunny
danish modern buffet hutch by garrison furniture co.

Picture 32

which is now filled... and housing all my favorite pieces.

Picture 31


  1. Wow, that copco fondue is great - I've been trying to thrift one, but I've only found the teapots so far. Nice score with the kobenstyle too - I saw a brown stock pot and yellow casserole the other day at the thrift, but they've unfortunately caught on to kobenstyle. It was priced at antique store levels!

  2. a la modern - that copco was a find. it was hidden under some lines and had i not lifted them up to look at them i would have passed it right by. i've rarely seen the teapots in good shape here. they're number 1 on my list to find. especially in yellow like one my friend scored. i bribed him but he refused. go figure.

    rachel -hello and thanks for swinging by!

  3. Love the Hutch and everything in it! Great finds!

  4. good grief, girl! all in one day? HOME RUN!!!!!!!

    gorgeous! keeping my eye out for the dansk! i just had to retire one that i've had since i was 20! :(

  5. thanks all! and jenny did you see your fabulous king & queen mug is hanging out on the top middle shelf. it's surely one of my favorites!

  6. Loving that hutch. I'm jealous! I had to sell mine at the last minute for $75 because it didn't fit in the uhaul the day before we moved to Chicago and we needed it gone ASAP. Hoping to find one for the new house!

  7. I scored this same hutch for free on someone's curb!! The only thing wrong was that the upper glass doors were missing. Luckily my hubby and I were in our truck!!!

  8. The buffet hutch you have is really nice, I have one
    just alike and wanted to know how much did you
    pay for yours? THANKS

  9. Anonymous - well the buffet cabinet was bought at more of a antique shop so it was a little over 100.

  10. I just got one in the same style, only it is longer. I paid $75 for it in a little antique shop in Arkansas.


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