Friday, April 01, 2011

vintage : first friday finds

in kansas city all the locals know that the first friday of each month is kinda like a small celebration day. at least for me it is. gallery's in the cross road district open up their doors to the public and local artist showcase new work. i had a show down there at the blue gallery over the summer and i must say the turn out was simply unreal. restaurants host free food tasting and wine events. most places are within walking distance so why waste gas when you can hike about and enjoy the nice weather and downtown atmosphere for free. now here's the part i really LOVE! at 9am on friday mornings half a dozen sellers open their antique shop doors to the public. eck!!! i won't lie, the hunt is crazy. people line up before hand just to get into these shops to search for fabulous little treasures. the ruder ones push their way thru the crowd to snatch up all the popular items before the rest of us. but if luck is in your favor. which i've had some luck so far, then you can usually score some pretty amazing pieces. so i'm not completely overwhelmed, i usually have a list in mind so i can bypass everything else i don't need. but on some days i draw a blank... today was a blank day. so i walked in today not knowing what to find and walk away with a few fabulous treasures. a few pictures while out and about. enjoy!

local kc thrifting stops
1. urban mining
2. good juju
3. liberty bell
4. bottoms up
5. river market antiques (open daily)

Russel Wright
russel wright

copco teapot
copco kettle. scored by a friend

kiddo books
kiddo books

garden dress
cute garden party dress. loved the print.


  1. oooo that garden dress!! isn't thrifting so therapeutic?! great finds :)

  2. thanks! oh it's therapeutic indeed! i always look forward to my thrifting runs.


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