Monday, April 25, 2011

weekend in pictures // thrifted

loot of bed sheets, pillow cases and books from a quick run easter afternoon.

** highlights from the weekend:
wyeth and penny have been getting along so well. he even made his way into "her cool playpen" to play with some of her toys. we went stollin' to the park.  there was homemade harvest bread, yum! the yard was prepped (huge hole dug) for the sandbox. and it was stained and sill be installed soon, pictures to follow. we shot out brown color collaboration. we enjoyed easter baskets and candy. spent time with family. thrifted some amazing linens (6 more not pictured, in the wash). and we ended the weekend watching a new movie, tangled!

** sometimes i can be long winded. so in longer posts, i'll be highlighting words in alternate colors that reflect back to the topic of my discussion. so at first glance you should be able to catch up on all highlights items in a matter of seconds. hope this helps!  s 


  1. love the pics! i had that strawberry shortcake sheet set with curtains!!


  2. thank lady! the shortcake sheets were a lucky find. they made curtains too, now i'm on the hunt!


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