Thursday, April 21, 2011

what i wore wednesday & hint # 2

what i wore (4/20)

{wednesday april 20th}

not sure how this happened, because it surely wasn't planned this way. but i ended up sporting a lot of mossimo ware yesterday. oh and if you're curious, i'm standing on the lumber for the kiddo birthday gift, the misters new building project. he said it was ok, promise. he was even so nice to stacked it upright for the photo. any guesses what it may be? need another hint? 

gray top // mossimo {thifted}
black coat // mossimo {target}
scarf // oscar de la renta {thrifted}
olive shoes // toms {new}
jeans // mossimo {target}


  1. You look gorgeous! Love that scarf. :)

  2. sandbox!!! (right??)


    ps you are adorable.

  3. thanks ladies!

    jenny - yes sandbox! eeeeck, im excited! they love the tiny turtle one which barely hold them now so this will be so loved!


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