Tuesday, May 31, 2011

take ten tuesdays : camera's


1. BlackBird  2. Holga : Cat   3. Argus  4. Minty  5. Lego
6. Hello Kitty  7. Imperial  8. Holga Color  9. LOMO  10. Boy Scout

life : a weekend in pictures via instagram

it was an instagram kinda weekend. it wasn't what we had planned for our holiday weekend but all in all we enjoyed each other's company and good food on the grill. a run down of the pictures below to recap our weekend events. hope you all are doing well today, so how was your weekend?

  • i did a bit of thrifting (found this phone) and have a dozen or so items which will be making their way to the shop very soon
  • the mister tackled his next building project for our living room, which i was excited to see a sneak peek of the progress so far
  • i cut a lot of patterns for sewing projects
  • and happily started making octopals again
  • our shed and our neighbors garage were robbed. lost a ride on tractor. huge bummer!
  • i played cars with wyeth. boy does he have quite the collection!
  • last week during the tornado warnings, lightning struck one of our trees, eck!
  • so the mister and his brother took it upon themselves to remove the tree. way to go guys!
  • i hung out with my sister in law. isn't she the cutest pregnant gal ever!
  • we got in some much needed relaxing & extra sleeping in time.
  • the kiddos enjoyed some yard time and played on the swingset
  • we ate out back. grilled veggies and pineapples and enjoyed each others company
come visit me on instagram (adalouvintage) for more silly photo updates

Monday, May 30, 2011

art : black

art : BLACK

BLACK - Color Collaboration : A Children's Series

well as we wrap up our color posts with black we look back on all the other colors and can't believe the what wonderful collections of toys we're so happily enjoying on a day to day basis. we hope you've enjoyed our color collections too. and we hope you'll continue to follow us as we branch out into our mini collections. plus i have a few collection, i'd love to shot separately from the kiddo stuff and share with you. happy monday, happy memorial day!

** Updated photo below - 1230PM, 5/31 Thanks Nicole and Heather for joining us!

the photograher


Our friend Nicole from over at Pussycat Vintage and her son, Logan's Collection!

** Updated photo below

And our friend Heather from over at Ring Circus and her daughter, Pippi's Collection!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

coupon codes : benandi // adalou

greetings friends! well, i hope you're all having a happy memorial day weekend! it's been an interesting few days here to say the least, if you're over on twitter you've probably already heard my messages about it. but i'll recap everything on tuesday after the loooong weekends over! i was popping in today though to share a discount code which i had posted via twitter but was thinking about things and not everyone has twitter account and some people may not care to, so why not share the love and announce this wonderful discount on the blog. so here you have it, a 20% OFF discount code for both the shops. enjoy & happy holiday weekend!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

guest blog on deedee9:14

come on over and check out my guest posted at deedee9:14 you can link on over via the picture below to see my enamelware collection post. or just come on over and check out dee's awesome mid century mod blog! she always has best inspirational posts and did you know she's a very talented artist too!


Friday, May 27, 2011



wear : shoes
ware : watch
where : london

mote marine : sarasota florida

so while on vacation, at the beginning of may, we visited mote marine. when we lived in sarasota we had visited there a few times and enjoyed it so we figured taking the kiddos to see it would be a must. wyeth really enjoyed seeing all the sea life. he love, love, loves finding NEMO. so needless to say he was in awe when we actually stepped over towards a few tanks and he could waved hello to our little friends. he announced to a bunch of people that "i see dory, marlin and nemo swimming over there"(top right photo, dory is top left of the coral, ha!) and right near the fish he saw the jellyfish (bottom middle), which we were told "those ones stung marlin and dory, bad jellies". we saw a sea turtle (aka squirt) and sharks (one was Bruce) and held a few startfish (patrick, spongebob) and bought a few toy sharks to take home with us. so there you have it! we pretty much saw all of finding nemo and meet patrick starfish at mote marine. enjoy!

MOTE MARINE links -  site   ||   facebook

Thursday, May 26, 2011

motherhood : 1st birthday recap

well last week was penny's 1st birthday. here's a quick recap to sum it all up. enjoy! xo :) s

  • the night before, we took her to the playground which she enjoyed! she's never been on a slide before but can you tell from the excited, closed eyed face that she LOVED it!

  • her birthday day was low key because we planned on really celebrating it on the weekend.

  • she received a special package in the mail from another penelope and her mama, 3ringcircus, with the cutest outfit ever, which she'll fit into quite soon!

  • her grandparents sent her a cute doggie toy, which she loves! (thank you guys!)

  • daddy and i gave her a vintage red topsy turvy doll via etsy shop : fuzzymama
  • and her brother gave her a small collection of books.

  • we had cake which was a hoot watching her dig and smear frosting all across her hair. needless to say there was a bath after.

  • and over the weekend we travelled to the arboretum so she could explore the flowers and play outdoors. 

flower at the arboretum. i'll post more pics of this soon 

adalou etsy : small shop updates : tomorrow 5/27

{click image above to get to the shop}

etsy treasury's

a few fabulous treasury's i was honored to be featured in. enjoy!

my circus birds - row 1, 2 down

tea glass canister - row 1, 2 over

feather brooch - top left

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

blog update

just to give you all a heads up, so you're not lost when swinging by. but the blog may be looking a bit different, as it gets a slight make over to accommodate all extra sidebar goodies and my overall ever changing style. thanks for understanding. xo s

take ten tuesdays : rainbow brite

Happy Tuesday! Just kidding! So, todays Take Ten Tuesday is brought to you on a Wednesday, how silly is that, to say the least, but I had wanted to feature our lovely sponsor Heather of 3 Ring Circus & Pippi Parade, did you meet her yet? and made yesterday about her! And a quick post about my guest blogging at Freckled Nest! Either way, todays collection is inspired by my childhood, I'm a kid of the 80's and I bet others out there recall Rainbow Brite! I loved her even had a dolls myself. Enjoy!

1. Skates  2. Mug  3. Lunch Box  4. Photo  5. Record  
6. Sheets  7. Doll  8. Game  9. Legos  10. Toy

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

visitors pass on freckled nest

I'm guest blogging on the Freckled Nest blog today! 
If you have a sec jump on over using the pass below to check it out!
Hope you love some of my hearted etsy items. Enjoy! xo, s

sponsors : meet heather


Do you know Heather of 3 Ring Circus & Pippi Parade?

Sure you do! But for those of you don't, say hi to Heather! I recently contacted her for an interview and was thrilled she said yes! This fun loving vintage mama, sells kiddo clothing over at her etsy shop 3 ring circus. She also writes a kiddo style blog called pippi parade whereby her daughter pip styles in the cutest vintage fashion.

S - Tell us a bit about yourself?

H - Hi my name is Heather and I am a vintage loving, thrift store hunting, blythe doll collecting, mama of 3 (two boys age 10 & 7 and 1 little lady, age 4) and wife to the mister! I run an online vintage shop,
3 ring circus and take photos of my daughter dressed up in vintage and hand me downs over on pippi parade. and I talk about all sorts of nonsense and shop updates on my twitter account if you want to stop by and say hi!

S - Pippi Parade, your blog is one of the cutest kiddo style blogs out there! I always look forward to the Friday pictures of Penelope! Can you share with our readers a bit of background history around this. How it start? And if her personality reflect her style?

H - I started pippi parade when my daughters closet started over flowing with hand me downs and thrift store finds. I wanted a way to document the outfits and her style as a toddler. Mixing some of the vintage with the modern basics is a way to show that you can wear vintage without looking dated. Each outfit that Pip wears lets her kooky and sweet personality shine through. I just finished the 2nd year and have something new for year 3 that starts on Friday!

S - Your run an etsy shop called 3 Ring Circus? Can you tell us a bit about your shop & what inspired you to open a shop?

H - I started my shop shortly after I started pippi parade. I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving vintage clothing in the thrifts that didn’t fit my kids. When I was in college I sold women’s vintage. Etsy seemed like the perfect fit to get back into selling vintage and be with my kids. I try to keep a variety of decades and sizes in the shop.

S - Where do you find inspiration? What do you enjoy doing for fun in your free time?

H - When I have free time I love hanging out at the beach with my family, taking road trips to find hidden treasures and sewing.

S - Now a bit of random mix up to get to know you better. Think quick and only choose one...

organized or messy - MESSY
ice cream or cake - {CUP} CAKE
new or vintage - VINTAGE
favorite color - YELLOW
shoes or jewelry - SHOES

S - And last can you list your top 5 sites for inspiration - blogs, etsy shops, online stores, etc.

H - I can browse pinterest for hours. You can follow me HERE 

I had my dream wedding years ago but I love looking at the weddings at ONCE WED

Teri creates some of the most colorful creations over at GIDDY GIDDY

Every thing here is beautiful GENINNE'S ART BLOG

Doodles and illustrations by S.BRITT

Monday, May 23, 2011

i heart plants!

so we spent most of the weekend outdoors, which was much needed. had time to run around, to weed the garden which was out of control, to plant new plants, to visit our neighbor dale, who loves to share veggies from her garden, to take a few walks and overall just enjoy the greenery among us.
i heart plants! do you? which plants do you love?

top left - fresh asparagus from dale
top right and second down - succulents for our home.
bottom - the mystery plant... can you guess what this is?

art : white


WHITE - Color Collaboration : A Children's Series

happy monday! hope you all had a fabulous weekend. as we slowly wrap up our final colors for the color collaborations we wanted to let you all know we have a few more kids collections planned to start up after the colors are done. a few weeks back you may have seen the trucks mini collection, which was a first for our mini series. if you'd like to join in the fun as we start our mini collections message me at adalou1@hotmail [dot] com for the info. if you'd like to do a collection yourself we'd love to see them!

so, our 2nd to last color is WHITE! it was a tough color to photograph and we felt slightly limited on items but we still managed to gather things he loves! cars, trucks, jets, and all types of vehicles are a main part of our collections. he owns many and they are probably his favorite toys to play with. this boy has a sweet tooth and pez (the lamb holder) seem to be an all time hit. we've also taken a few trips to moon marble and he loves them but they sit on a shelf and are played with on special occasions under supervision, ya know, we don't want any up noses an all. well we hope you enjoy the collection and again happy monday!!!

** UPDATE 2PM - sharing Pip's (Pippi Parade's) Collection. more of her collection here

Saturday, May 21, 2011

motherhood : 3rd birthday recap

so last week was wyeth's 3rd birthday, a few pictures - 1. good morning birthday boy! 2. cake! 3. super excited to get red, fire truck from penny 4. asked for this toy for months, what a happy face after finally getting it 5. meet frank! (him and red 3. are from pixars cars) 6. so excited to be 3!!!

well we also wrapped up last weekend with a special last hurrah out for our little guy. we had wanted to do this on his birthday but all schedules seemed to conflict so we agreed on last saturday for our diner date. this way we could be joined by uncle z (ben's bro), aunt t & baby x (sil is pregnant do soon!) we had decided on trex cafe and were super excited to go. wyeth didn't know this though so it was really exciting to say the least. we're taking miss penny somewhere special this weekend i'll update that soon too :) hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

1. trex cafe 2. pictures with dinos 3. dinos over our table! 4. new dino book, special for our dinner out 5.  hello trex 6. meeting dexter (cafe mascot) 7. octopus on 1st level 8. wooly mammoth 9. a bit nervous over the bday singers bringing dessert 10. outside and we're bundled because man it was freezing out!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

adalou etsy : small shop updates


{click image above to get to the shop}

what i wore tuesday

what i wore {tuesday, may 17th}

gray dress // i love H81, forever 21
pin striped white & blue leggings // delia's
handmade pencil pin // benandi.etsy.com
gold & silver toned flats // mossimo, target

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

motherhood : happy 1st birthday penelope!


hey big birthday girl, so you're 1 today!!!

dear penelope,

now, how did a year fly by me? i'm in awe just thinking back to a year ago today and when we first met you. you were so teeny, yet so loud! voicing your opinion and letting us know you wanted to be heard even from the first moments after meeting you. to this day you still talk above the rest of us, letting out loud yells of excitement and happy laughs which puts a smile on anyone's face who may be around you. your fun personality mixed with a silly sense of humor (which you get from daddy) are a joy to watch. you're now clapping, pointing, drinking from a big girl cup and attempting to walk on your own, you're really close and then you'll be off to a mad dash! your brother, wyeth is your favorite toy, we're not to sure if he full knows this yet but you love hanging out with him, or on climbing on him and always look for him first before daddy or myself. i really hope you two continue to be the closest of friends, i can see he enjoys your company as well. i hope you have a fabulous 1st birthday little lady! it's sure been a great year so far and i can't wait for the years ahead!

xoxo love, mommy

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

take ten tuesdays : enamelware bowls

as some of you may already know, i am a sucker for enamelware bowls, i have quiet a collection myself. but our tiny home is only so big. so when i can, which is more often than not, i share my vintage finds and part with bowls, number 9 is currently in the shop! they seem to be a popular item on the market and if you get your hands on one for a decent price, kuddos to you! so a take ten tuesday for all the fabulous enamelware bowls out there. enjoy!

{1} hearts {2} starburst {3} knights & maidens {4} mushrooms  {5} herbs 
{6} cherries {7} orange stripe {8} yellow lotus {9} blue dots {10} black & orange dots

Monday, May 16, 2011

sponsors : meet lishyloo


Do you know of Lishyloo Vintage? 

I'm sure you do, but if you don't, you surely ought to know about her. This fabulous Etsy shop offers a great range of kiddo clothing for the vintage lovin' mama. Along side children's clothing, Lishyloo also offers a variety of other kids products including, toys, games, home decor, linens and books!

I recently contacted Lishyloo about an interview and she gladly said yes! I asked her a few questions so you all could get to know a bit more about this fabulous lady, and her shop. So without futher ado, please meet Miss Lishyloo!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a SAHM to two boys, Truman is 4 and Harrison is 1 but they both have birthdays soon!
One baby on the way as well. I am in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Tell us a bit about your shop & what inspired you to open a shop?

My shop is 99% kids vintage clothing with some linens, housewares and toys thrown in from time to time. I also pick up baby and kid room decor when I find things I can't resist. I started thrifting seriously in college and later when my brother was expecting his son, I wandered into the kid's clothing and started picking up vintage pieces. Soon, I had a very large stockpile of clothes for our future kiddos. When I had two boys, I couldn't stand the idea of just bringing the girl things back to the thrift so I opened a shop. My friend Alix who now co-runs modernkiddo & my friend Jenny who runs kidwonder both were selling vintage on ebay at the time and it looked like so much fun, they were also big inspirations.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I am a pretty classic home body. I love to embroider, cook, garden, and organize my house.
I read a lot, especially children's books and any kind of non-fiction.
I am addicted to celebrity bios. In the spring and summer we're outside a lot!

What is/was your most favorite personal possession?
Something you've owned. Whether it be new, thrifted, sold, or gifted?

My very favorite possession is my great-grandmother's wedding ring, which is now my wedding ring.
I collect dolls and love my blythes and susie sad eyes. My favorite thrifted item of all time is this faux fur trimmed coat I found in like 1997. It was the coat I was wearing when I met my husband.

Can you list your top 5 sites for inspiration.
Blogs, Etsy shops, online stores, etc.

Wow, this is hard!

I read Kelle Hampton's blog religiously. 
I find her to be very honest and inspiring.

Piratesb00ty on Etsy

Thank You so much again Lishyloo for the interview!
Find her shop, personal blog and news over on twitter via the links below.


art : gray

GRAY - Color Collaboration : A Children's Series

GRAY is great! Isn't it? Gray seems to be one of those colors that overlooked, along side white, black and brown. But we can't over look this fabulous color. Like, how cool is that delorean dmc-12 from back to the future, or those 3 sharks which came home with us from florida's mote marine aquarium, after we stopped by, got up close and personal (image below) with some sharks. someone even mentioned "i think i can swim with them"... my response "um no i don't think so buddy, how 'bout we buy some toy shark's instead" ... "ok that sounds good!" and then if you were a child of the 80's, who could forget micro machines!?! they're from the mister's childhood and how great that they were saved for him and now wyeth's getting to enjoy them! We hope you enjoy our GRAY collection. Happy Monday! xo s & w

up close with our shark pals

Sunday, May 15, 2011

fabulous florida finds + weekend projects


so while in florida i did a quick bit of thrifting, (above) mainly for miss penny. just wanted to share the fabulous finds. a bit of hunting and peeking under piles of stuff and searching thru bins and here's what i came home with. after returning home i did a quick thrifting run and found a few treasures which will be slowly entering the shop. sneak peeks below. sorry the shops a bit lagging, i've been spending a lot of my time with the kiddos and the mister. still slowly updating when i can though, promise. also i've been getting back into the groove of sewing since i have a show coming up in late july. hope your weekends going great though! see ya tomorrow for a color update! :-)

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