Monday, May 30, 2011

art : black

art : BLACK

BLACK - Color Collaboration : A Children's Series

well as we wrap up our color posts with black we look back on all the other colors and can't believe the what wonderful collections of toys we're so happily enjoying on a day to day basis. we hope you've enjoyed our color collections too. and we hope you'll continue to follow us as we branch out into our mini collections. plus i have a few collection, i'd love to shot separately from the kiddo stuff and share with you. happy monday, happy memorial day!

** Updated photo below - 1230PM, 5/31 Thanks Nicole and Heather for joining us!

the photograher


Our friend Nicole from over at Pussycat Vintage and her son, Logan's Collection!

** Updated photo below

And our friend Heather from over at Ring Circus and her daughter, Pippi's Collection!


  1. I really love this series! What a great idea. :)

  2. Love the shot of the Helper doing the set up.
    Black is quite cool! Love to you all,Mom

  3. What a great series idea! I'm a FN visitor and I just looked through them all. :D


  4. thanks sara!

    thanks and love ya mom!

    kate, it's great to have you here thanks for swinging by :)


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