Monday, May 16, 2011

art : gray


GRAY - Color Collaboration : A Children's Series

GRAY is great! Isn't it? Gray seems to be one of those colors that overlooked, along side white, black and brown. But we can't over look this fabulous color. Like, how cool is that delorean dmc-12 from back to the future, or those 3 sharks which came home with us from florida's mote marine aquarium, after we stopped by, got up close and personal (image below) with some sharks. someone even mentioned "i think i can swim with them"... my response "um no i don't think so buddy, how 'bout we buy some toy shark's instead" ... "ok that sounds good!" and then if you were a child of the 80's, who could forget micro machines!?! they're from the mister's childhood and how great that they were saved for him and now wyeth's getting to enjoy them! We hope you enjoy our GRAY collection. Happy Monday! xo s & w

up close with our shark pals

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