Tuesday, May 10, 2011

artist : steven gonzales jr.

i wanted to share some pictures from our trip and i couldn't think of a better way to start off than with an artist intro for my little brother, steven gonzales jr. he's the whole reason our family took our little sunny florida vaca, so why not share him and his amazing work! i am so proud of him and was thrilled to celebration in his excitement as he graduated last week from the ringling college of art and design. he's ready to start working world, are you in need of an artist?

degree : BA of Fine Arts  //  Screen Printing  //  Emphasis Graffiti 

pictures below
clear top, 2nd row right : screens on vellums
2 down left, 4 down left : hand block cuts
4 down center, 4 down on right : laser litho cuts
5 down left : showing wyeth litho prints
5 down right: portrait
6 down left : litho (reads "Tiffany" his GF) hanging in a gallery
7 down center : galley installation piece. paper arrows
8 down left and right : arrows embossed paper print
9 down left : graffiti "A"
9 down right : Anthony (other brother), Steven, myself


  1. He does amazing work! I love it. Will any of his work be available on line?

  2. i'm not to sure if he'll open an online shop. i'll have to ask him about that. thanks! :-)

  3. great pics of Steven doing his thing! had a wonderful time with all of you, i miss you already!


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