Sunday, May 29, 2011

coupon codes : benandi // adalou

greetings friends! well, i hope you're all having a happy memorial day weekend! it's been an interesting few days here to say the least, if you're over on twitter you've probably already heard my messages about it. but i'll recap everything on tuesday after the loooong weekends over! i was popping in today though to share a discount code which i had posted via twitter but was thinking about things and not everyone has twitter account and some people may not care to, so why not share the love and announce this wonderful discount on the blog. so here you have it, a 20% OFF discount code for both the shops. enjoy & happy holiday weekend!


  1. I am a new follower on your blog! Super fun!

  2. New from FN - WOW you have the cutest vintage and great prices. Love! 20% off what a great deal!

  3. Katey, Kristen Hawley & Maggie May - thank you all for swinging by my blog! it's lovely for you all to join us. thanks for all your sweet comments too! :)

  4. SWEET! I LOVE all the stuff on your etsy shop! cute cute cuuuuttteeee!


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