Monday, May 23, 2011

i heart plants!

so we spent most of the weekend outdoors, which was much needed. had time to run around, to weed the garden which was out of control, to plant new plants, to visit our neighbor dale, who loves to share veggies from her garden, to take a few walks and overall just enjoy the greenery among us.
i heart plants! do you? which plants do you love?

top left - fresh asparagus from dale
top right and second down - succulents for our home.
bottom - the mystery plant... can you guess what this is?


  1. It looks like Dill to me, but I know nothing about plants!

  2. looks like dill to me too! succulents are so fun to grow since they need so little attention! my favorite plants, however, are african violets (because they're picky - like me!) and an anthirium plant that I nursed back from near-death. have you ever rooted any plant cuttings? that's also a really rewarding plant-lovers experience :)

  3. Sputnikmoss - great guess, looks like dill but nope

    Velvet Tangerine - nope to the dill too. i'll have to look into cutting/rooting these succulents. they're so pretty and i would love more about our home.

    so that plant is actually the same as the left top picture... it's asparagus ;)


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