Tuesday, May 31, 2011

life : a weekend in pictures via instagram

it was an instagram kinda weekend. it wasn't what we had planned for our holiday weekend but all in all we enjoyed each other's company and good food on the grill. a run down of the pictures below to recap our weekend events. hope you all are doing well today, so how was your weekend?

  • i did a bit of thrifting (found this phone) and have a dozen or so items which will be making their way to the shop very soon
  • the mister tackled his next building project for our living room, which i was excited to see a sneak peek of the progress so far
  • i cut a lot of patterns for sewing projects
  • and happily started making octopals again
  • our shed and our neighbors garage were robbed. lost a ride on tractor. huge bummer!
  • i played cars with wyeth. boy does he have quite the collection!
  • last week during the tornado warnings, lightning struck one of our trees, eck!
  • so the mister and his brother took it upon themselves to remove the tree. way to go guys!
  • i hung out with my sister in law. isn't she the cutest pregnant gal ever!
  • we got in some much needed relaxing & extra sleeping in time.
  • the kiddos enjoyed some yard time and played on the swingset
  • we ate out back. grilled veggies and pineapples and enjoyed each others company
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