Friday, May 27, 2011

mote marine : sarasota florida

so while on vacation, at the beginning of may, we visited mote marine. when we lived in sarasota we had visited there a few times and enjoyed it so we figured taking the kiddos to see it would be a must. wyeth really enjoyed seeing all the sea life. he love, love, loves finding NEMO. so needless to say he was in awe when we actually stepped over towards a few tanks and he could waved hello to our little friends. he announced to a bunch of people that "i see dory, marlin and nemo swimming over there"(top right photo, dory is top left of the coral, ha!) and right near the fish he saw the jellyfish (bottom middle), which we were told "those ones stung marlin and dory, bad jellies". we saw a sea turtle (aka squirt) and sharks (one was Bruce) and held a few startfish (patrick, spongebob) and bought a few toy sharks to take home with us. so there you have it! we pretty much saw all of finding nemo and meet patrick starfish at mote marine. enjoy!

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  1. woah! love the jellyfish! and that manatee pic is precious.

  2. thanks lady! the jellies has a cool fluorescent light over their tank and that manatee loved giving the glass kisses

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