Thursday, May 26, 2011

motherhood : 1st birthday recap

well last week was penny's 1st birthday. here's a quick recap to sum it all up. enjoy! xo :) s

  • the night before, we took her to the playground which she enjoyed! she's never been on a slide before but can you tell from the excited, closed eyed face that she LOVED it!

  • her birthday day was low key because we planned on really celebrating it on the weekend.

  • she received a special package in the mail from another penelope and her mama, 3ringcircus, with the cutest outfit ever, which she'll fit into quite soon!

  • her grandparents sent her a cute doggie toy, which she loves! (thank you guys!)

  • daddy and i gave her a vintage red topsy turvy doll via etsy shop : fuzzymama
  • and her brother gave her a small collection of books.

  • we had cake which was a hoot watching her dig and smear frosting all across her hair. needless to say there was a bath after.

  • and over the weekend we travelled to the arboretum so she could explore the flowers and play outdoors. 

flower at the arboretum. i'll post more pics of this soon 


  1. LOVELY! That cake looks yummy--do have cake decorating skilz, too?

  2. my cake skills, ha! i have no cake skills. this took me way longer than it probably should have. but at least it was tasty. she love, love, LOVES that doll btw :-)

  3. Love the happy face on the slide, Looks like another great birthday party. Love to you all, Nona & Grampa


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