Saturday, May 21, 2011

motherhood : 3rd birthday recap

so last week was wyeth's 3rd birthday, a few pictures - 1. good morning birthday boy! 2. cake! 3. super excited to get red, fire truck from penny 4. asked for this toy for months, what a happy face after finally getting it 5. meet frank! (him and red 3. are from pixars cars) 6. so excited to be 3!!!

well we also wrapped up last weekend with a special last hurrah out for our little guy. we had wanted to do this on his birthday but all schedules seemed to conflict so we agreed on last saturday for our diner date. this way we could be joined by uncle z (ben's bro), aunt t & baby x (sil is pregnant do soon!) we had decided on trex cafe and were super excited to go. wyeth didn't know this though so it was really exciting to say the least. we're taking miss penny somewhere special this weekend i'll update that soon too :) hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

1. trex cafe 2. pictures with dinos 3. dinos over our table! 4. new dino book, special for our dinner out 5.  hello trex 6. meeting dexter (cafe mascot) 7. octopus on 1st level 8. wooly mammoth 9. a bit nervous over the bday singers bringing dessert 10. outside and we're bundled because man it was freezing out!


  1. Thanks for the update pictures are great, We can't wait to see the update on this weekend! We love you all, Love, Nona & Grampa

  2. What an amazing birthday!! Looks like he had a blast! So sweet!


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