Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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Do you know Heather of 3 Ring Circus & Pippi Parade?

Sure you do! But for those of you don't, say hi to Heather! I recently contacted her for an interview and was thrilled she said yes! This fun loving vintage mama, sells kiddo clothing over at her etsy shop 3 ring circus. She also writes a kiddo style blog called pippi parade whereby her daughter pip styles in the cutest vintage fashion.

S - Tell us a bit about yourself?

H - Hi my name is Heather and I am a vintage loving, thrift store hunting, blythe doll collecting, mama of 3 (two boys age 10 & 7 and 1 little lady, age 4) and wife to the mister! I run an online vintage shop,
3 ring circus and take photos of my daughter dressed up in vintage and hand me downs over on pippi parade. and I talk about all sorts of nonsense and shop updates on my twitter account if you want to stop by and say hi!

S - Pippi Parade, your blog is one of the cutest kiddo style blogs out there! I always look forward to the Friday pictures of Penelope! Can you share with our readers a bit of background history around this. How it start? And if her personality reflect her style?

H - I started pippi parade when my daughters closet started over flowing with hand me downs and thrift store finds. I wanted a way to document the outfits and her style as a toddler. Mixing some of the vintage with the modern basics is a way to show that you can wear vintage without looking dated. Each outfit that Pip wears lets her kooky and sweet personality shine through. I just finished the 2nd year and have something new for year 3 that starts on Friday!

S - Your run an etsy shop called 3 Ring Circus? Can you tell us a bit about your shop & what inspired you to open a shop?

H - I started my shop shortly after I started pippi parade. I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving vintage clothing in the thrifts that didn’t fit my kids. When I was in college I sold women’s vintage. Etsy seemed like the perfect fit to get back into selling vintage and be with my kids. I try to keep a variety of decades and sizes in the shop.

S - Where do you find inspiration? What do you enjoy doing for fun in your free time?

H - When I have free time I love hanging out at the beach with my family, taking road trips to find hidden treasures and sewing.

S - Now a bit of random mix up to get to know you better. Think quick and only choose one...

organized or messy - MESSY
ice cream or cake - {CUP} CAKE
new or vintage - VINTAGE
favorite color - YELLOW
shoes or jewelry - SHOES

S - And last can you list your top 5 sites for inspiration - blogs, etsy shops, online stores, etc.

H - I can browse pinterest for hours. You can follow me HERE 

I had my dream wedding years ago but I love looking at the weddings at ONCE WED

Teri creates some of the most colorful creations over at GIDDY GIDDY

Every thing here is beautiful GENINNE'S ART BLOG

Doodles and illustrations by S.BRITT


  1. So awesome to Heather after many exchanged emails. Gorgeous mama!

  2. First time visiter, what a treat! :]
    Really enjoy all you have going on here, thanks for sharing... will be back for more.

  3. she is gorgeous, you're right Pussycat Vintage!

    artistaprilcole@gmail.com thank you! and thanks so much for swinging by :)


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