Tuesday, May 17, 2011

take ten tuesdays : enamelware bowls

as some of you may already know, i am a sucker for enamelware bowls, i have quiet a collection myself. but our tiny home is only so big. so when i can, which is more often than not, i share my vintage finds and part with bowls, number 9 is currently in the shop! they seem to be a popular item on the market and if you get your hands on one for a decent price, kuddos to you! so a take ten tuesday for all the fabulous enamelware bowls out there. enjoy!

{1} hearts {2} starburst {3} knights & maidens {4} mushrooms  {5} herbs 
{6} cherries {7} orange stripe {8} yellow lotus {9} blue dots {10} black & orange dots


  1. ohhhhhh swoon.

    i have the mushroom bowl, and oh what i wouldn't give to get my hands on that heart bowl!! i keep fave-ing them on etsy but i can't shell out the hundred bucks for one!

  2. What's not to love about a colorful vintage enamel bowl? Thanks for including my herb version!

  3. i love these so much! i was extremely lucky a few years back to find two in mint condition for a SONG at the thrift. a xmas bell one and a vegetable one! that cherry one is to die for!

    jenny, when you're in MN i will tell you where to go for the heart bowl!!

  4. I LOVE the nights & Maidens bowl!!

  5. frecklewonder - so wanting that mushroom bowl, have yet to find one locally.

    mary - you're welcome. i have this bowl and it's so pretty!

    lynxymama the xmas bells!!! i love that one, it's super rare lady, hold on tight to it!

    Nicole - isn't that one darling, i have another one similar to this one but different characters

  6. What a dreamy collection! Most of these look like Arabia of Finland bowls. Will need a bigger house. :-)

    Thank you for including my knights & maiden's bowl. Here is the link to it. http://www.etsy.com/listing/71141391/arabia-of-finland-vintage-enamelware

    dahlila, Scout and Rescue


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